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>Babies on "spec"

>Jennalee Ryan, in San Antonio, Texas, is offering pre-frozen embryos to momas and daddies who like the selection in the Abraham Center for Life catalog. In the terms used for new homes, she’s not building custom babies or even semi-custom babies, she’s offering “spec” babies. If the babies were dresses, these might be called “designer … Continue reading

>ASBH day 2: Human rights and Public Health Ethics

>Ever been the only conservative in the room? I can go one better: a woman from Rhode Island responded to my confession that I’m a conservative by saying that we should talk, since she’d never had a conversation with a conservative before and she wanted to understand how we think. BTW, before I go on, … Continue reading

Frankenbunnies, non-brain dead organ donation, cloning, and PVS guinea pigs

Isn’t it amazing how many of the most controversial news and public policy issues revolve around bioethics and medicine? I’ve noted before that all of the controversies (like those mentioned above, from the days surrounding the weekend of October 8-9, 2006) are actually only one: which humans will receive society’s protection of the inalienable right … Continue reading

Embryos, Dickeys, WARFs, and “rat poison.”

Maybe I should have called this column “I smell a rat.” All this fuss and bother that Sam Berger is making in today’s “Guest Column” over the lack of federal funding of embryonic stem cells had me following links and searching Google half the night in an effort to decide whether or not Berger’s … Continue reading

Greenberg’s Frankenstein Syndrome

>I’d call it the Dred Scott Syndrome. Paul Greenberg has written an editorial arguing against destructive and manipulative embryonic stem cell research and in favor of the veto by President George Bush of HR 810. The next ethical ridge to be crossed would then loom ahead: If it’s permissible to experiment on embryos destined to … Continue reading

More on ‘Science” mag “Pseudoscience”

Note: edited to correct the authors to George and Lee, not George and Cohen. Earlier today, I reported on Michael Fumento’s rebuttal to the letter in Pseudoscience Science magazine that attacked Dr. David Prentice on his support for Adult Stem Cells. Another blogger, LTI, pointed me to an op-ed by two of my favorite ethicists, … Continue reading

More Lies: Stem Cell “Experts” For Sale?

Michael Fumento, in the National Review Online, writes a rebuttal to the lies that have been spread concerning David Prentice, Ph.D. and the current use of non-embryonic stem cell therapies vs. trick language and out and out lies. There are wonderful resource links and references in the article to prove Dr. Prentice is much more … Continue reading

Follow the Money (embryos)

I can’t find any mention of actual funds allocated for the destruction of embryos in HB 810. However, the bill says that the Secretary of Health “shall conduct and support,” and “Human embryonic stem cells shall be eligible for use in any research” that meet the criteria of prior informed consent, being “in excess,” and … Continue reading

Next: funding for creation of embryos

Next will come the call for the purposeful creation of funding for disease-specific embryos. These embryonic humans are not dead. They were chosen and frozen because they looked promising for future attempts to fill the empty arms of their mothers and fathers. SB 810 authorizes the use of tax money to pay to thaw, nurture, … Continue reading

When all else fails, change the language

The links to several online reports about the Bioethics and Politics conference, including LifeEthics and this one from the Scientist, covering one of the paper sessions. ( Covered by LifeEthics last week.) It seems that Missouri legislators would not vote to approve embryonic stem cell research if the bill had the word “embryo” in … Continue reading

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