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>Some Bloggers shouldn’t reproduce

>They shouldn’t reproduce their thoughts in writing, that is. Take a look at the comments on “Laws, conscience, medicine and bloggers,” for a perfect example of “they just don’t get it.” Freedom of conscience is part of the Washington State law. The Governor threatened to replace the members of the State Pharmacy Board if they … Continue reading

>Watson un – reasonable

>Dr. James Watson, the man who is credited with discovering the structure of DNA, along with Francis Crick and Rosalin Franklin, has lost his laboratory and much of his status as a respected science icon after allegedly making racist remarks. From the Times Online (London, UK): In his interview Watson had said that he was … Continue reading

Jesus, embryos, research, and IVF protesters

Newsday printed an op ed by Michael D. Kerlin, “Where faith and stem cells meet: Jesus might have us use embryos – otherwise destined to be discarded – to aid the sick and dying.” (That’s pretty much it, except to testify to his Christianity, his alma mater, and to lay the fate of all sick … Continue reading

Debate On Ethics

After several days of discussion about a baby that Texas lawyer Jerri Ward asked Wesley Smith to blog about on Secondhand Smoke, I have been asked “How can you be a doctor and not know this about what passes for ethics nowadays?” Because I have a different understanding “about what passes for ethics nowadays.” I … Continue reading

Language change alert (“Embryonic” at 8 weeks)

We were due, I guess. We went through the redefinition of pregnancy (implanted in a uterus”), embryo (after 14 days or implanted in a uterus), cloning (therapeutic cloning, then somatic cell nuclear transplantation, nuclear transplantation, patient specific stem cells, production of “early stem cells, etc.) And now, we’re supposed to move the line of “embryonic” … Continue reading

Publish (destroy embryos) or perish

Professor James L. Sherley is losing weight on his hunger strike, but Fox News and Reuters are the only mainstream media outlets to take notice. It seems that racial discrimination, storming the Administration building of a university and even extreme measures of weight loss are not newsworthy if you’re critical of embryonic stem cell research … Continue reading

Majority of Doctors Oppose Abortion

In that NEJM article that I blogged on earlier, there are numbers about the “Intrinsic religiosity” of physicians, based on the answers of the 1000 or so docs who answered the questionaire. The authors seem to have no feeling for the history of bioethics as an outcome of the Holocaust or Tuskegee. Instead, the fuss … Continue reading

Bad, Bad Doctors (Religious, with Consciences)

The NEJM has a free on line article evaluating the results of a survey of doctors, “Religion, Conscience and Controversial Clinical Practices,” which is a perfect example that far too much of the effort of “medical ethics” or “bioethics,” goes into deciding who can be killed. “In recent years, several states have passed laws that … Continue reading

Feminists For Life op-ed on National Review Online

Serrin Foster, whose latest essay is published on National Review Online, is one couragious woman. She is the President of Feminists for Life, which some people are absolutely convinced is an oxymoron. No, it’s not. At the least, half of all the human beings that are killed by abortion are female. In some of the … Continue reading

>Universal screening of pregnancies – guidelines

>In medicine, a guideline published by a specialty association is more than a “suggestion.” If a doctor varies from that guideline, he or she is presumed guilty of varying from the standard of care. And had better find a defense lawyer, because there’s a good chance she’ll be sued for malpractice or, in the case … Continue reading

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  • A State with a Democrat Governor has apparently voted not to remove their State Constitution protection for abortion. 4 days ago