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Frankenbunnies, non-brain dead organ donation, cloning, and PVS guinea pigs

Isn’t it amazing how many of the most controversial news and public policy issues revolve around bioethics and medicine?

I’ve noted before that all of the controversies (like those mentioned above, from the days surrounding the weekend of October 8-9, 2006) are actually only one: which humans will receive society’s protection of the inalienable right not to be killed, enslaved or robbed.

Which is why it shouldn’t surprise anyone that some prolife organizations are beginning to look more like bioethics centers. (See LifeNews’ article on the increased focus on bioethics by one prolife group,” Florida’s “Respect Life.)

The entire field of bioethics has developed to make these decisions. Somehow, the most visible bioethics spokesmen and women in the mainstream media appear to agree that if it can be done, it should. The “First do no harm” ethic that has guided Western Medicine for over 2500 years has been abandoned in favor of pretending that humans are just another animal.

Because I am concerned about this change, I started “crashing” Texas Medical Association meetings, set my self a goal of one letter to the editor a week, lobbying in my State Capital and writing this blog.

I’d like to challenge every reader to write a letter to the editor of your local paper (keep it under 150 words), attend one civic or political meeting (just to get them used to seeing you there, if there’s nothing concerning life issues on the agenda – but, I’ll bet there’s at least some infringement of liberty or the pursuit of property going on) and make it a point to attend and participate in any professional association or union you belong to, in order to make your voice heard when support for life, liberty and property is possible. Look into committees and interest groups. Join the Republican National Coalition for Life, the Democrats for Life, Libertarians for Life, Feminists for Life, or Not Dead Yet. (Wear their jewelry until we see little feet or the F4L stick figure as often as we see pink ribbons or yellow rubber bracelets!)

Now, go to work!

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