Beverly B. Nuckols, MD, MA(Bioethics)

“Bioethics” has become the formal study of who we can kill and enslave by designating them not human-enough to possess the basic human rights not to be killed or enslaved. “LifeEthics.org” is for scientists, medical professionals and all others who wish to protect human rights and human life.

We’re the only species having this conversation . . .

The old LifeEthics.org blog was here, at http://www.lifeethics.org/www.lifeethics..org/index.html

Leading our communities, associations, schools and businesses to :

Uphold the dignity of human life,

Protect human rights in medicine and science for every member of our species and our children of the future,

Prevent discrimination between human beings and our offspring based on age, abilities, or origin

Join us if you want to protect human life, but don’t know how or where to start, if you feel excluded by the conditions of membership of other pro-life organizations – or if you just aren’t ready to identify with “pro-life” groups.

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