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More Lies: Stem Cell “Experts” For Sale?

Michael Fumento, in the National Review Online, writes a rebuttal to the lies that have been spread concerning David Prentice, Ph.D. and the current use of non-embryonic stem cell therapies vs. trick language and out and out lies.

There are wonderful resource links and references in the article to prove Dr. Prentice is much more correct than his critics, including the journal, Science, are willing to compromise their own integrity in pursuit of trash-science. Remember, Science magazine is the publisher of the “alleged” Korean veterinarian, embezzler, and abuser of women, Hwang Wu Suk.

Fumento cuts to the chase:

How can Science not know all this? Simple; it does. I’ve written repeatedly of how the publication has made itself a propaganda sheet for ESC research, as well as other political causes. At the least, it should change its name to Pseudoscience. Sometimes it prints easily falsifiable studies, such as this, attacking the usefulness of ASCs. Other times it falsely promotes ESCs. That culminated in January when the journal was forced to retract two groundbreaking ESC studies that proved frauds.

The journal wants to flood unpromising ESC research with taxpayer dollars because private investors know just how very unpromising it is. Now yet again Science has showcased the scientific and moral bankruptcy of the entire ESC-advocacy movement.

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