LifeEthics Purpose and Mission

LifeEthics is a catalyst for the protection of human rights in medicine and science policy.

LifeEthics will uphold the dignity of human life and be active in the effort to protect human rights in medicine and science. Join us if you have a desire to protect the right to life of every member of our species and our children of the future. We do not discriminate among human beings because of age, abilities, or origin. We consider all descendents of the species Homo sapiens to be human beings with equal rights and the right to life to take priority to all other rights. We strive to “First, do no harm.”


The Center for Medicine and Science in Bioethics promotes a society where the equal rights of all human beings are protected without discrimination from the onset of the first cell division until natural death.  We will educate and encourage our fellow scientists, our lawmakers and other neighbors to ensure that our activities, policies and laws are ethical.  We will be active in the setting of public policy, laws, research protocols and regulations reflecting the standard of non-maleficence. We expect our professional associations, governments and communities to “First, do no harm.”


All descendents of members of the species Homo sapiens, regardless of age, capabilities, location, or origin, are human beings who possess the inalienable right not to be killed, enslaved, or harmed for the benefit of other human beings from the single cell stage until natural death.

We will use standard taxonomy and embryology terminology as well as verifiable scientific knowledge to define human beings rather than subjective opinion.  The fact of being human is not dependent upon law, religion, age, abilities, the manner of inception or the intention of the parents or others who facilitate the beginning of life. We will lead our communities, our professional societies and governments in protecting the rights of all human beings.

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