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Next: funding for creation of embryos

Next will come the call for the purposeful creation of funding for disease-specific embryos.

These embryonic humans are not dead. They were chosen and frozen because they looked promising for future attempts to fill the empty arms of their mothers and fathers. SB 810 authorizes the use of tax money to pay to thaw, nurture, evaluate and kill for harvest.

Very, very few of the currently frozen embryos are eligible to be harvested:

1. Informed consent was not obtained at the time of fertilization.

2. They are mostly the children of white, healthy (other than infertility) parents and so will not be the models for the diseases supposedly to be studied or treated.

3. A survey by Art Caplan a couple of years ago showed that few parents want to donate in the first place.

What a waste of money, the lives of researchers and — the lives of the humans to be harvested, themselves.

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