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More on the Texas Advance Directive Act (NOT “Futile”)

Jerri Lynn Ward and I have been discussing the Act, here.

I found out that Dr. Findley has done some good deeds, too. Here’s a story about a patient he helped.

Middleton said she wasn’t thinking of an aneurysm when she scheduled her September physical. She just wanted to get checked out before switching jobs and, consequently, her health insurance.

But an aneurysm is something she’s worried about, and been tested for, in the past. Her mother, Ginny, has had surgery on two aneurysms, including one that ruptured. An aneurysm caused one aunt’s death and possibly another aunt’s death as well, she said.

Middleton’s general practitioner, Dr. Michael Findley, said he felt compelled by Middleton’s history to order the test in September.

“The family history was very overwhelming,” he said Wednesday. “It’s not always clear what to do, but in something that is this strong of a family history, I just thought it was prudent to take the next step.”


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One thought on “More on the Texas Advance Directive Act (NOT “Futile”)

  1. >He obviously did a good job in that case.

    Posted by Jerri Lynn Ward, J.D. | August 13, 2006, 2:25 pm

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