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Former Senator Explains Consequences of Bill Language

Former Senator from Tennessee, Fred Thompson, explains the consequences of the language concerning end of life care that is included in the current version of House Bill 3200. I do read the language as making the counseling mandatory, although not necessarily a demand that doctors (or nurses, if they are the “primary care providers”) tell … Continue reading

>Daschle/Dole/Baker! Health care on the fast track -along with the entire Nation’s finance

>Right after this Yellow Brick Award ceremony, I’m thinking that it may save my life for me to learn to use Twitter and Facebook. Now. While President Obama is planning to take over the entire finance world ASAP, ABC is planning their all-day infomercial for Obama and his push – there is no “plan,” yet … Continue reading

This is your future on Government Medicine

  Imagine that it is 2016, and you are a 65 year old boomer. You have been admitted to your local community hospital with malaise, fatigue, vomiting and cloudy mental status. You have had blood pressure problems and diabetes for a few years, and have just been diagnosed with renal failure. As you drift in … Continue reading

Goodbye Medicare, hello County Clinic

Where is the outrage over the destruction of (what is left of) Medicare and the debt we owe to veterans? I’m afraid that we’re not talking about “Medicare for all,” or even “Medicaid for all.” We’re talking about County Clinic for all. For a look at the proposed cuts in cost for Medicare, take a … Continue reading

Obama moves to overturn Conscience rules

For a couple of years, LifeEthics has covered the conscience of physicians and what it would mean if a doctor, nurse or hospital were to be forced to go against their consciences. My review is here. From the LA Times, we learn that President Obama plans to rescind the ruling clarifying conscience laws in force … Continue reading

Conscience: more than abortion

Last month, a judge in Montana ruled that patients have the right to a doctor’s assistance in their intentional death by suicide. Baroness Warnock argues that doctors who will not kill their patients on demand are “wicked.” The States of Washington and Oregon already have legalized “Aide in Dying.” Is it now my duty to … Continue reading

Baroness Warnock: doctors who won’t kill are wicked.

Baroness Warnock took part in a debate in Belfast, Ireland on January 5, 2008. According to a Belfast news report, the Baroness said that doctors who will not kill their patients are “genuinely wicked.” Baroness Warnock, who last year caused worldwide controversy when she said that some dementia patients had a “duty” to seek death, … Continue reading

Clarification on Brain Death

The news reports about the Pope’s recent cautionary remarks on the determination of death include quotes from a Vatican newspaper describing false assumptions about the use of brain death as the definition of death. The whole brain criteria for brain death is not based on the cessation of function of the brain. Instead, it is … Continue reading

Another end of life dispute (Motl Brody)

Doctors at a hospital in the District of Columbia have determined that a 12 year old boy, Motl Brody, has no upper or lower brain activity. He was declared dead by legal criteria November 4. Here’s the Washington Post article on the case. By legal and medical criteria, the boy died last week. The dilemma … Continue reading

How not to promote organ donation

Julian Savulescu, the British ethicist who opined that religious doctors should shut up and perform, is back. This time he’s advocating the donation of organs from people who are not dead or dying, but who have “suffered such severe injury that they would be permanently unconscious, like Terry Schiavo, who would be allowed to die … Continue reading

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