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Texas Heart Institute’s Dr. Doris Taylor In The Forefront Of Heart Tissue Regeneration Research

Please note that Dr. Taylor uses adult stem cells, not destructive embryonic stem cells! Dr. Taylor, one of the world’s leading cell therapy and cardiac regeneration scientists, joined the THI in March 1, 2012, recruited with support from the Houston Endowment. She and her team are internationally renowned for their research on “whole organ decellularization,” … Continue reading

High-priced mice for science at Texas A&M

This article from the Texas A&M newspaper describes the medical research with “knockout” mice, or mice that have a specific gene turned off. The  University’s Texas Institute of Genomic Medicine , part of the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences specializes in developing knockout mice strains using embryonic stem cells from mice embryos, which … Continue reading

S.A. blood center enters a new realm in the field of regenerative medicine | Investor Stemcell

“The Blood & Tissue Center generated $140.1 million in revenue last year, according to its annual report.” and,   GenCure is “filling a niche for a very high-growth industry and at the same time fulfilling another mission — treating patients,” Badylak said in an interview. “The field has grown so fast that the need for … Continue reading

Primer for would be (Texan) political junkies

On Wednesday February 9, 2011, the Texas Senate State Affairs Committee held its hearing on the Ultrasound Bill, Senate Bill 16, introduced by Senator Dan Patrick, a Republican from the Houston area. I drove to Austin to testify along with many other men and women, in spite of the predictions of temps below freezing and … Continue reading

Texas Medical Association doesn’t support conscience

This TMA press release/”Alert” is a shallow statement which ignores the history and facts behind the ruling and addresses the right to conscience as though it is dependent on circumstances and can be “rescinded.” The individual right not to act is called “Liberty.” As an inalienable right, liberty cannot be given away or taken. It … Continue reading

Texas teens form pro-life club

And, it seems that the kids in Coppell, Texas (near Dallas) are only “anti-abortion” because of the undue influence of their families and churches. From the Dallas Morning News: Abortion rights advocates say it’s even harder for them to organize high school students because of the focus on abstinence. “We’re up against a movement that … Continue reading

>Texas Employees, Politics, and Science

>(Just to be clear about where I’m coming from, I believe in a Creator and also believe that the evidence I’ve seen supports the evolution of species. When asked about evolution, I say, “It looks like that’s how God did it.” Now that I’ve alienated all but a few of my readers . . .) … Continue reading

>Politics Bites

>Chris Comer, Director of Science Curriculum for the Texas Education Agency (TEA) sent out an email from her State account that was blatantly political in nature and which she knew was a bad idea. Surprise! So did her bosses. She made the political move, and got fired for it. Really, advocating a lecture titled, “Inside … Continue reading

Not a Texas “Futile Care” Case?

I think our heart strings are being pulled for the wrong reasons in the case of a Dallas woman. I don’t believe that the case is covered by the Texas Advanced Care Act. I wonder whether the doc was forced to admit that Mrs. Webster is a “long term care patient” that has a chronic … Continue reading

More on the Texas Advance Directive Act (NOT “Futile”)

Jerri Lynn Ward and I have been discussing the Act, here. I found out that Dr. Findley has done some good deeds, too. Here’s a story about a patient he helped. Middleton said she wasn’t thinking of an aneurysm when she scheduled her September physical. She just wanted to get checked out before switching jobs … Continue reading

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