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Wesley Smith on Toronto Conference on End of Life

Wesley’s report is at his blog, Secondhand Smoke. The medical interventional suicide or “Physician Assisted Suicide” (PAS) offers a false sense of control to people who are actually the healthiest of the patients who know that they are nearing the end of life. It’s false because before legal medical regulations can be used to “help” … Continue reading

AMA on Texas Advance Directive (Futile Treatment)

The AMANews magazine, a weekly print newspaper for the members of the American Medical Association, has an article in the May 14 edition, available on line now. The excerpt is free here, but full content is only available to members and paid subscribers. Since LifeEthics readers have been following the progress of the legislation and … Continue reading

End of Life Compromise Texas

According to the Houston Chronicle, the Senate Health and Human Services passed a compromise bill to amend the Texas Advance Directive Act to extend the time lines for end of life care when the doctor believes that technological intervention is inappropriate. The new committee substitute for Senator Dr. Duell’s bill 439 was introduced by the … Continue reading

Do No Harm 101 (Wesley Smith, Catholic Bishops and Futile Care)

Wesley Smith is covering Texas’ legislature’s debate over our Advance Directive Act. Yesterday, he accused the 24 Bishops of Texas of practicing “Futile Care Theory,” which he defines as the decision to limit care by anyone other than a family member or patient. (In other words, here, he says that Terri Schiavo was not a … Continue reading

End of life on the internet

LifeNews and Channel 8 TV in Austin, as well as several bloggers are reporting on the denial of the temporary restraining order for Emilio Gonzales in Austin, Texas. Unfortunately, there are quite a few errors in the story. I’m disturbed that the false information is spread and that there seems to be no problem in … Continue reading

Answer 3

From Jerri: Your personalizing of this makes no sense. It’s as if you are saying that–if the medical community’s ethics are questioned in any way–that’s an attack on the community. We live in a free society and everyone is entitled to their opinion on what medical ethics should be. That said, the medical profession’s opinion … Continue reading

Answering 2

Jerri Lynn Ward responded to my response: First, I did not accuse YOU of breaking a federal law. If you are receiving information from someone in the hospital, THEY are breaking federal law and not you. Second, the ethics committee does have conflicts of interest whether you want to acknowledge it or not–and there ARE … Continue reading

“Living Life’s End”

The title is from a 2005 essay by Gilbert Meilaender in First Things. Not surprisingly, Dr. Meilaender speaks with much more clarity than I ever could in discussing the sort of dilemma that we face when considering the baby, Emilio Gonzales, and the treatment vs. the care he is to receive from his doctors, his … Continue reading

Leigh’s Disease (Long post on end of life and baby Emilio Gonzales)

(EDIT, May 31, 2014: It has come to my attention that this post is referenced in a book on bioethics. If you have come from that book, remember that (although I’ve done my best to be accurate) this is a blog, not a peer-reviewed scientific article. Be sure and read all the comments at the … Continue reading

Debate On Ethics

After several days of discussion about a baby that Texas lawyer Jerri Ward asked Wesley Smith to blog about on Secondhand Smoke, I have been asked “How can you be a doctor and not know this about what passes for ethics nowadays?” Because I have a different understanding “about what passes for ethics nowadays.” I … Continue reading

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