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Backlash hurts (Fetal Pain article)

The fact that the editor in chief, Catherine D. DeAngelis, of the Journal of the American Medical Association is receiving outraged emails is news. (And, they’re mean and hateful, too, depending on how you define “hateful” doesn’t it?)

After the AMA had to reverse its stand on harvesting organs from still living anencephalic babies in the early ’90’s, as well as face public and professional (and membership) disapproval after the Sunbeam deal and the political artical on whether teens believe oral sex is “sex,” I would think that some one in that organization would learn.

But, I agree with Dr. Joe Pojman, that the whole fuss will actually help the prolife cause by educating the public that the early child has a brain, nerve fibers, and reacts in some way to being harmed.

Even if some don’t call it pain, it hurts.

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One thought on “Backlash hurts (Fetal Pain article)

  1. >I heard about this study and was surprised by the amount of attention it received. As much as I would hope that it would make a difference, I doubt that any of the concerns on a woman's mind while she is climbing up into stirrups include that of the fetus feeling pain. Unfortunately I doubt that this will persuade either faction in the other direction. Pro-lifers dispute the study and pro-choicers say "told ya so".

    Posted by Summyb | August 26, 2005, 2:27 pm

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