>The uterus has stem cells!

>I don’t know why anyone would be surprised in light of the function of the uterine lining, with periodic (pardon the pun) turnover and the need to expand and nurture the infant.
Thanks to the Stem Cell Blog, I heard about this article which was published a year ago. The “LifeNews” website and a couple of medical newsletter sites published notes on the discovery and the plans to use the cells to repair pelvic damage.

I imagine that other tissues could be treated with these cells, also.

Previously, there was a report about women who had undergone bone marrow transplant who developed endometrial cells that matched the Donor. In other words, if a woman receives a bone marrow transplant from another person, those stem cells not only replace her bone marrow to regenerate all her blood cells, but some of the cells migrate to her uterus to become stem cells that regenerate her uterine lining each month. There are also reports that stem cells from the woman’s children enter her blood cell and take up residence in the thyroid and other tissues.(Yes, even if the donor/child is a male.)

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