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Conscience upheld in Arizona Courts

Without a conscience, what is a doctor, nurse, or pharmacist except a technician willing to follow the whims of law? (Again, this is not sound-bite material!) I received an e-mail from the American Defense Fund concerning the lawsuit against the State of Arizona by Planned Parenthood over a law to protect those of us in … Continue reading

Trust me, I don’t have a conscience, again

The Obama administration has released their new conscience regulations from the Health and Human Services dept. See this Adobe, pdf: There is now no protection for doctors who won’t council abortion, who refuse to prescribe contraception (including post-coital “contraception”) or those who don’t wish to perform fertility treatments for “certain groups of people.” Of … Continue reading

Tebow Super Bowl Ad Controversy Proves “Pro-abortion” not “Pro-choice”

Sarah Palin has written a note on her Facebook page on the move to oppose an ad that’s scheduled to be run during the Super Bowl. The active opposition to the ad by the National Organization for Women (incorrectly named, btw) and other groups, shows just how pro-abortion, rather than pro-choice, they are. The 30 … Continue reading

Comments on President’s 9-9-9 speech

You can read the speech, here. As of 8:30 AM on September 10, there’s not much comment from the AMA or other powerful, interested observers. I wonder if, like me, they’re waiting to see the actions that result from the speech? Here are my own(Beverly Nuckols) thoughts after the speech: Quality, timely, or cheap medicine: … Continue reading

Forget conscience – go straight to mandate

Human Events has an editorial from Christian Medical And Dental Association’s Jonathan Imbody. Here’s an excerpt: A national poll showed that Americans favored the “conscience clause” regulation and the civil rights laws it enforced by a two-to-one margin. During a 30-day public comment period, an astounding 340,000 comments and petitions poured in favoring the regulation. … Continue reading

>Congressman Henry Cuellar on Planned Parenthood

>Went to this morning’s McQueeney, Texas meeting where Henry Cuellar was met with an overwhelming group of constituents upset over what’s happening in Washington, DC. Rep. Cuellar told us that he voted in favor of Planned Parenthood funding yesterday because they give care to “mothers” and he does everything he can do to support mothers. … Continue reading

>Health Care Reform: Tax and Spend (and abortion on tax dollars)

>(Editorial correction: Sermo was not begun by the AMA. It is a private group, possibly funded originally by pharmaceutical companies. But, no one there knew the funding source.)(The vote is now nearly 11,000, and still against the new plan.) How about a simple solution to the rising government expenditures for health care: don’t “force Congress” … Continue reading

Prayers for Tillers and pro-life Kansas

Killing is not pro-life, although I remember the Sanctuary cities in Jerusalem under Mosaic law. However, it’s more important to remember that the prolife community in Kansas city has supported “Choices,” a clinic next door to George Tiller’s abortion facility that offers crisis pregnancy assistance and has helped to pioneer perinatal hospice in the United … Continue reading

Texas Medical Association doesn’t support conscience

This TMA press release/”Alert” is a shallow statement which ignores the history and facts behind the ruling and addresses the right to conscience as though it is dependent on circumstances and can be “rescinded.” The individual right not to act is called “Liberty.” As an inalienable right, liberty cannot be given away or taken. It … Continue reading

New England Journal of Medicine plays conscience politics (“Trust me, I will act against my conscience,” cont’d)

The New England Journal of Medicine has published a “Commentary” by a lawyer who has worked for Planned Parenthood, concerning the practice of medicine and conscience. I don’t like to publish entire articles from subscription-only sources (especially one written by a lawyer), but this serious breach of ethics on the part of the NEJM should … Continue reading

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