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Brain Is Command Center for Aging | The Scientist Magazine®

But, what and when are we going to do about it? Hurry! Inflammation in the hypothalamus may underlie aging of the entire body, according to a study published today (May 1) in Nature. Over-activation of the inflammatory protein nuclear factor kB (NF-κB) in the brain region leads to a number of aging-related changes in mice, … Continue reading

Nature nurtures debate on namesake

Josh Carter, over at the blog, comments on the editorial in the April 10th issue of Nature, (subscription only. Joe quoted some but let me know if you need the full text) which uses news of a transgendered (but not transexual) pregnant and bearded woman to ask the age-old question, what is “natural” and … Continue reading

>I forgot (a note on memory and humanity)

>I know that you may not be able to tell, but I’m trying to make my blog posts shorter. So, I left some quotes out of this morning’s post on memory. However, this quote from the Time Magazine article, “The Ethics of Erasing a Bad Memory” by Dr. Scott Haig, on human-ness needs to be … Continue reading

>Drugs, Sleep, Memory and Ethics

>New information on the science of memory may one day finally tell me why I have a hard time remembering names and even faces, but I’ll store a patient’s potassium level without even trying. As with all science research, we’ll have to decide whether and why the information we discover matters and how to use … Continue reading

>Television Ethics: "Private Practice"

>The TV show, “Private Practice,” hasn’t impressed me with its medical, social or psychiatric integrity. But, I found myself watching it tonight, October 24th, and was more impressed than usual. Tonight’s show touches on a cutting-edge bioethics topic that was also mentioned at last week’s American Society of Bioethics and Humanities. Major Multiple Spoiler Alert!!! … Continue reading

‘fetus may feel pain,’ that would be shocking to women,”

>Well, by all means, don’t worry their pretty little heads about it. The patronizing pro-abortion faction of the Indiana Senate is blocking the addition of informed consent concerning the potential of pain felt by unborn children who are being killed. Because we don’t know. And because it might shock someone. And, besides, it’s so rare. … Continue reading

Backlash hurts (Fetal Pain article)

The fact that the editor in chief, Catherine D. DeAngelis, of the Journal of the American Medical Association is receiving outraged emails is news. (And, they’re mean and hateful, too, depending on how you define “hateful” doesn’t it?) After the AMA had to reverse its stand on harvesting organs from still living anencephalic babies in … Continue reading

Prenatal Pain vs. “Nociception” Psychological Construct?

The Journal of the American Medical Association (This link is to the abstract. Subscription is required for the full article) published an article this week claiming to definitively settle the problem of whether or not children feel pain before birth. Some of you may have read that there are serious ethical questions about the authors, … Continue reading

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