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>"Sneaky" Texas Legislator

>Perhaps this article, written by an Associated Press writer, should be receive the Yellow Brick Award. (Should I put “copyrighted” here? No, there’s others, although most – like the award for finishing the obstacle course at Quantico – are awards for achieving the impossible, not for misdirection.) Someone is practicing distraction and projection by calling … Continue reading

>The Best Misdirection on Stem Cell Research

>This guy deserves some sort of note/notoriety: From the “News” section of the online Worcestershire (Massachusetts) Telegram & Gazette: Apr 12, 2007 Stem-cell reversal Scrap Romney restrictions on legitimate research Gov. Deval L. Patrick’s effort to reverse restrictions on stem-cell research imposed by his predecessor is most welcome. The restrictions, adopted by the state Public … Continue reading

Don’t bet on cloning to cure

Ian Wilmut says that if he had “to bet money,” he’d bet on reprogramming adult – the patient’s own stem cells. Joining the cloning experts in the race are scientists who are looking for new ways to “reprogram” DNA, or make it young again without fusing it into an egg. They think it may be … Continue reading

Umbilical Cord Blood Saves Lives

Today, the Texas House State Affairs Committee heard from a young man who was born with sickle cell disease. Young Joseph, Jr. told the Representatives that his baby brother saved his life. And now, he doesn’t have to take medicine or get shots any more. (The oblivious hero slept through the hearing.) And of course, … Continue reading

Do not look behind the curtain! (again, with the magic tricks)

I’d say the man who said this needs both a heart and a brain: “Ultimately, human hearts, human brains, and human kidneys and human pancreas will be re-created in their entirety from human embryonic stem cells or some combination of adult and embryonic stem cells,” Willerson said. He’s certainly got enough nerve. Tell me what … Continue reading

Cow-Monkey blastocyst research

The truth about the goal of researchers seeking to make chimeras and clones is in the news, today. (A big “yuk” factor, here.) I’m convinced that the future is in stimulating and recruiting the patient’s own stem cells and regenerative potential, in site, where and when it’s needed. Animal research is acceptable, but once they … Continue reading

We’ve heard this (stem cell) story before

Stanford scientists are working on a “stem cell treatment” to cure hearing loss due to lost nerves. The Science Guy at the Houston Chronicle references a Wired News article, that links to the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the San Francisco Gate and an interview with Stefan Heller. Here’s a slightly better … Continue reading

$17.9 Million plus for Texas: ethical stem cells

The UT Austin Daily Texan has the only report that I can find in the news about Wednesday’s announcement that the University of Texas Health Center in Houston is the recipient of $17.9 million for stem cell research on treatments for heart disease. The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute granted $17.9 million for the … Continue reading

>Immune Privileged Cord Blood Stem Cells

>Pluristem is one of the companies focusing on the commercial development of stem cells. There are two or three names which have been regularly sending out press releases concerning their research and development (besides ACT, of course). In this case, it’s a company that’s marketing selected umbilical cord blood cells or placental cells. If the … Continue reading

>Book Review: Michael Crichton’s NEXT

>“Stroke Damage May Help Smokers Kick the Habit: The insula, an area of the brain largely ignored by researchers, may hold the key to breaking harmful addictions” (Scientific American Science and Technology News, January 25, 2007) “Fresh light thrown on tragic drug trial: Animal tests may have missed danger because monkeys ‘too clean’.” ( online, … Continue reading

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