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S.A. blood center enters a new realm in the field of regenerative medicine | Investor Stemcell

“The Blood & Tissue Center generated $140.1 million in revenue last year, according to its annual report.” and,   GenCure is “filling a niche for a very high-growth industry and at the same time fulfilling another mission — treating patients,” Badylak said in an interview. “The field has grown so fast that the need for … Continue reading

>US behind on regulation of reproductive technology

>After hearing/reading for the last 8 years that there is too much regulation of research, there’s now a call from the Jonathan Moreno and the “Progressives”(at the website that grew out the Center for American Progress, originally founded by John Podesta, Obama’s advisor) for regulation of reproductive technology. See this post at the “Science Progress” … Continue reading

Science in Obama’s Administration

After lots of ‘Net speculation on science and medicine advisory councils and committees in addition to mine of this morning, we find out that the Obama leader for the transition team on the President’s Council on Bioethics Review Team will be Jonathan Moreno the associate at the bioethics arms of the Center for American Progress, … Continue reading

>Buy "Yamanaka StemCell Factors"

>No, Really!!! Your “Plasmid Cart” is empty! I’m studying up to be able to answer some very tough questions by Lydia from an earlier post. While “Googling” “Oct 3/4,” I found this ad, for “Yamanaka StemCell Factors.” as sold by “” is selling the plasmids mentioned in Takahashi and Yamanaka’s “Induction of pluripotent stem … Continue reading

>Previous review Texas Cancer and stem cell research

>Here’s a link to a post from last January on HB 14, and House Joint Resolution 90, the Bills which became Proposition 15, the Legislation for $3 billion in cancer research bonds and the Texas Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas. The original article is no longer available on the Austin American Statesman site, … Continue reading

>Bioethics on the Ballot

>Texas approved Billions in bond debt, some $3 Billion of which will fund the new Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas. There is already private funding of embryonic and fetal tissue research in Texas already.(See this report on the Brown Institute in Houston.) While Texas is a leader in ethical stem cell research and … Continue reading

>New President of California Stem Cell Institute

>Alan Trounson, PhD, the researcher responsible for the first in vitro (IVF) birth in Australia, who once had to apologize for misleading the Australian Parliament after showing them a video that he claimed showed a mouse that walked after human embryonic stem cell treatment for spinal cord injury (in fact, they were fetal cells from … Continue reading

>CIRM: Another one bites the dust

>They just can’t get good help – a scientist is leaving, just after the resignation of the temporary president of the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine. Could it be that everyone who works for CIRM sees failure down the road? From this week’s Bioedge 263, a weekly newsletter on biotechnology out of Australia: CALIFORNIA STEM … Continue reading

>Prolonged culture of embryos, stem cells and more Free Stuff

>This week’s (June 27) “Advance Online Publication” contains two “Letters” describing the production of embryonic stem cells from “epiblast” cells, one in mice and rats, one focusing on mice. Full content is restricted to subscription-only, but you can listen to a discussion about the studies on the free podcast from Nature, here, and the … Continue reading

Pay for embryo destruction added to Senate Bill

Senators Specter and Harkin, in the Senate Appropriations Committee, have added funding for research on embryos destroyed in research between the August 9, 2001 cutoff point and June 15, 2007 to “a must-pass bill for the Labor and Health and Human Services”. The Bill must make it through the Senate, the House and the possible … Continue reading

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