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Do not look behind the curtain! (again, with the magic tricks)

I’d say the man who said this needs both a heart and a brain:

“Ultimately, human hearts, human brains, and human kidneys and human pancreas will be re-created in their entirety from human embryonic stem cells or some combination of adult and embryonic stem cells,” Willerson said.

He’s certainly got enough nerve.

Tell me what happens when you get a new brain, in its “entirety,” Doctor.

On the other hand, there’s this brilliant man who’s using the brain and heart he’s got:

Dr. Karel Dicke, an oncologist at the Arlington Cancer Center, uses stem cells found in patients’ bone marrow to ease their recovery from high-dose chemotherapy.

Dicke, who has conducted research into adult stem cells for more than 40 years, said he opposes the use of public funds for embryonic stem-cell research because it doesn’t have enough public support. He echoed statements from opponents of such research in noting that the field may not be as promising as some have predicted.

“It is not that far along yet,” Dicke said. “Scientists are making political statements.”

Of course, it’s really all about the money. As I’ve said before – stem cell therapy of the future will not depend on the destruction of embryos. The goal will be to use the patients’ own stem cells in site, when and where they are needed. Umbilical cord and placental cells are plentiful and have shown themselves plastic enough to provide the tissues and organs that we will need. (Where the repair cannot be made in situ. Edited, March 19, 2007. BBN)

Researchers in Minnesota
have produced beating heart muscle from stem cells taken from the hearts of rats. In humans, they say they are using muscle from the legs to heal hearts in place.

Have a look at more stem cell advances in this article.

Dr. Anthony Atala’s group at Wake Forest University grew nerve stem cells that homed in to the areas of the brain where they were needed. Last year, Zurich researchers reported work to develop heart valves for babies from their amniotic stem cells, even before they were born.

We don’t need the smoke and mirrors, Doctor Willerson. You and others have already shown us that we already have a future without embryonic stem cells.

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