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>The Best Misdirection on Stem Cell Research

>This guy deserves some sort of note/notoriety:

From the “News” section of the online Worcestershire (Massachusetts) Telegram & Gazette:

Apr 12, 2007

Stem-cell reversal

Scrap Romney restrictions on legitimate research

Gov. Deval L. Patrick’s effort to reverse restrictions on stem-cell research imposed by his predecessor is most welcome.

The restrictions, adopted by the state Public Health Council, are in direct opposition to 2005 legislation, enacted over former Gov. Mitt Romney’s veto, that permits human embryonic stem-cell research in the state. The former governor was opposed to the provision in the law that allowed for “somatic cell nuclear transfer.” The technique gives researchers a new way to study the development of a particular disease because the stem cells are created from the DNA of patients who suffer from that disease. Just this week, researchers reported that 13 young diabetics in Brazil being treated with their own stem cells are living insulin-free, some for as long as three years.

Make no mistake: Exacting and consistent guidelines must apply to research using stem cells. Human cloning already is banned in Massachusetts, a prohibition enforced by strong criminal and civil penalties. The law passed in 2005 also limits to two weeks of development the time during which embryonic stem cells could be harvested for research or treatment of patients. (Emphasis mine)

First this is an editorial, not news.

Second, Human cloning is not banned in Massachusetts. There is an attempt to redefine cloning as implanting a cloned human embryo, and a mandate to kill those clones by the time they are 14 days old.

However, the greatest fraud is the last sentence of the first paragraph: plopping a report of adult stem cell success into a story about embryonic stem cells, as though the latter were a “. . . a new way to study the development of a particular disease because the stem cells are created from the DNA of patients who suffer from that disease.”

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