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McGee: Embryo research equals physician assisted suicide

Glenn McGee, one of the editors, pseudoeditors and bloggers over at the American Journal of Bioethics blog,, posted a portion of his column, “The Kavorkianization of Dolly” for The Scientist. Subscription is required for The Scientist, but you can read part of the snide column on the site (or here). It may be … Continue reading

Report on Olfactory Stem Cell Spinal Cord Repair

Wesley Smith’s “Secondhand Smoke” has a link to and short note on a report in the Journal of Spinal Cord Repair on Carlos Limos’ treatment of patients with their own olfactory mucosa stem cells. Looks legitimate and well documented. It’s late, but will get back to y’all when I’ve read it. In the meantime, let’s … Continue reading

Art Caplan: lies and projection

Best title ever from the editors and pseudoeditors over at the “President to Stem Cell Community: Drop Dead.” In fact, the President demonstrated the “checks and balances” guaranteed in the Constitution by vetoing a bill that did not allocate new funds and that would have encouraged the unethical destruction of embryos without a clear … Continue reading

More on ‘Science” mag “Pseudoscience”

Note: edited to correct the authors to George and Lee, not George and Cohen. Earlier today, I reported on Michael Fumento’s rebuttal to the letter in Pseudoscience Science magazine that attacked Dr. David Prentice on his support for Adult Stem Cells. Another blogger, LTI, pointed me to an op-ed by two of my favorite ethicists, … Continue reading

More Lies: Stem Cell “Experts” For Sale?

Michael Fumento, in the National Review Online, writes a rebuttal to the lies that have been spread concerning David Prentice, Ph.D. and the current use of non-embryonic stem cell therapies vs. trick language and out and out lies. There are wonderful resource links and references in the article to prove Dr. Prentice is much more … Continue reading

Follow the Money (embryos)

I can’t find any mention of actual funds allocated for the destruction of embryos in HB 810. However, the bill says that the Secretary of Health “shall conduct and support,” and “Human embryonic stem cells shall be eligible for use in any research” that meet the criteria of prior informed consent, being “in excess,” and … Continue reading

Next: funding for creation of embryos

Next will come the call for the purposeful creation of funding for disease-specific embryos. These embryonic humans are not dead. They were chosen and frozen because they looked promising for future attempts to fill the empty arms of their mothers and fathers. SB 810 authorizes the use of tax money to pay to thaw, nurture, … Continue reading

When all else fails, change the language

The links to several online reports about the Bioethics and Politics conference, including LifeEthics and this one from the Scientist, covering one of the paper sessions. ( Covered by LifeEthics last week.) It seems that Missouri legislators would not vote to approve embryonic stem cell research if the bill had the word “embryo” in … Continue reading

Ethical correctness is not extreme

Besides abortion, destructive embryo research, and complete sexual freedom for teens, I wonder how many other moral issues are judged, “Regardless of its ethical correctness . . .”? As it is, I wouldn’t want someone that goes around acting “regardless of ethical correctness” for my doctor or even an employee. The ethical correctness is the … Continue reading

Human enough, no matter where or how

If I wanted to study disease through embryonic stem cell research, I’d imagine that I would want to study only those with the disease or susceptible to the development of the disease. How many of the chosen, frozen embryos are likely to be diseased? This is just one of the questions you need to ask … Continue reading

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