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How human is human-enough?

A group of very well respected scientists, philosophers and ethicists (all involved in bioethics and stem cell research) have joined together to discuss and draft what they call a “consensus” on stem cell research, both destructive embryonic stem cell research and non-destructive, ethical non-embryonic stem cell research. The document can be accessed at the Berman … Continue reading

Chimeras, animal research and Humans

>The Scotsman has an opinion piece, “Genetic science alters war on animal rights,” by Kirsty Milne, which expresses confusion about what is right and wrong regarding research using animals and human subjects. She focuses on the altering of physical characteristics of different species by genetic manipulation. While the stealing of a family member’s corpse from … Continue reading

Sure, but I wouldn’t kill anybody for it…..

Today’s American Journal of Bioethics column about Dr. Charles Krauthammer’s August 5 Washington Post column, “Cell Lines, Moral Lines,” does more than just show political bias. It looks like the anonymous editor over there has a reading skill deficit. Dr. Krauthammer opens with It is a good idea to expand federal funding of embryonic stem … Continue reading

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