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Wall Street Journal on dealing with dying parent

Thank you, Wall Street Journal, for giving us this free article on dealing with a dying family member, focusing on children who live out of town. The best point: “Just go.” You won’t regret it. Edited 3/27/2102 for formatting

Hiatus (Over, I hope)

I haven’t been blogging – I’ve been lobbying and working, instead. Whether in Austin or at work, my access to the blog is spotty. And I worried that anything I wrote might get in the way of some bills we were fighting for. Unfortunately, the Texas legislature is self-destructing and virtually none of the pro-life, … Continue reading

Texas “Futile care debate: Prolonging life or suffering?”

The Houston Chronicle has an unusually good and balanced article on one case in the on-going debate in Texas on the end of life care, originally published May 6th. The article uses the example of 91 year-old Mrs.Edith Pereira, and the way that her daughter, Zee Klein, made sure that she got the care that … Continue reading

AMA on Texas Advance Directive (Futile Treatment)

The AMANews magazine, a weekly print newspaper for the members of the American Medical Association, has an article in the May 14 edition, available on line now. The excerpt is free here, but full content is only available to members and paid subscribers. Since LifeEthics readers have been following the progress of the legislation and … Continue reading

End of Life Compromise Texas

According to the Houston Chronicle, the Senate Health and Human Services passed a compromise bill to amend the Texas Advance Directive Act to extend the time lines for end of life care when the doctor believes that technological intervention is inappropriate. The new committee substitute for Senator Dr. Duell’s bill 439 was introduced by the … Continue reading

Do No Harm 101 (Wesley Smith, Catholic Bishops and Futile Care)

Wesley Smith is covering Texas’ legislature’s debate over our Advance Directive Act. Yesterday, he accused the 24 Bishops of Texas of practicing “Futile Care Theory,” which he defines as the decision to limit care by anyone other than a family member or patient. (In other words, here, he says that Terri Schiavo was not a … Continue reading

End of Life Debate (Emilio, Texas Law)

The debate continues on the end of life decisions and care of the poor child, Emilio Gonzales, at Wesley Smith’s blog. Please take a look at the misunderstandings in the conversation and the fantastic review by “woundedpig,” whose comments begin at about the 27th post. It does appear that the lung collapses were due to … Continue reading

>Judge rules to restrain hospital on Emilio Gonzales

>I’m very glad that the judge in Austin has ruled that Children’s Hospital can’t remove him at this time from the ventilator and that he has named a guardian ad litum, to look at the evidence from the baby’s best interests. The Austin News 8 TV news also tells us that Emilio’s mother and her … Continue reading

Mama’s last lesson

Easter Sunday, April 8, 2007 would have been my mother’s 70th birthday. Helen Margaret Jernigan Burnett, “Mama,” died from complications of thymic carcinoma last August. Mama is probably the source of my addiction to arguing and politics. Some people might think it comes from being the oldest daughter of a Baptist preacher, but I believe … Continue reading

End of life on the internet

LifeNews and Channel 8 TV in Austin, as well as several bloggers are reporting on the denial of the temporary restraining order for Emilio Gonzales in Austin, Texas. Unfortunately, there are quite a few errors in the story. I’m disturbed that the false information is spread and that there seems to be no problem in … Continue reading

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