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>Judge rules to restrain hospital on Emilio Gonzales

>I’m very glad that the judge in Austin has ruled that Children’s Hospital can’t remove him at this time from the ventilator and that he has named a guardian ad litum, to look at the evidence from the baby’s best interests.

The Austin News 8 TV news
also tells us that Emilio’s mother and her lawyers have another doctor who will step in to evaluate his condition and whether he is a candidate for a tracheotomy.

Hopefully, some new voices will bring the two sides together for Emilio. I’m convinced that the doctors and nurses caring for Emilio have been doing their best, saving Emilio’s life daily. And I’m sure that his mother is getting through the whole ordeal the best way she knows how.

For more information, you can read the Ethics Committee Report at the North Country Gazette, published in a same March 18th post by June Maxam.

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One thought on “>Judge rules to restrain hospital on Emilio Gonzales

  1. >I read some interesting commentary about this case here this morning. Thought it would be of interest to you. You can read it here. — M.S.

    Posted by Anonymous | April 12, 2007, 3:12 pm

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