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Hiatus (Over, I hope)

I haven’t been blogging – I’ve been lobbying and working, instead. Whether in Austin or at work, my access to the blog is spotty. And I worried that anything I wrote might get in the way of some bills we were fighting for.

Unfortunately, the Texas legislature is self-destructing and virtually none of the pro-life, pro-family bills made it through.

One of the bills I was lobbying for contained amendments to the Texas Advance Directive Act (TADA) that would have increased protection for patients, prevented the removal of artificial hydration and nutrition, and more than doubled the time that doctors had to give medical treatment that they and others deemed “inappropriate.” An improved process for communicating with families and a liaison between the family and the doctor was in the bill, which would have also added funding for facilities that offered complex medical treatments, such as dialysis for comatose patients, which simply don’t exist in Texas. For two more years, we have the same law and the same arguments.

I do expect some of the recommendations, such as a dedicated liaison and improved communications to be adopted voluntarily in hospitals, as the good ideas that they are.

The Bill to limit embryonic stem cell research also failed, but we did get a brochure to explain the options available for donating cord blood and held the line on expanding unethical research, since several “clone and kill” bills were blocked.

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