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>New Bioedge edition available

>The weekly newsletter, Bioedge, from the land down under is one of the better bioethics/biotechnology on-line newsletters. Readers who consider the pro-life movement mainly as a US political matter, may be surprised by the existence of Bioedge, since it is pro-life. The publishers’ aim is to: * to promote evidence-based ethics in medicine * to … Continue reading

>Election year pro-abortion push

>If you don’t want your child to suffer, you don’t choose Partial Birth Abortion (Intact Dilation and Extraction or “D&X”) and you certainly shouldn’t complain about State laws concerning prevention of fetal pain during the abortion. and Self Magazine have teamed up to discuss “When there is no good choice.” In the story, we … Continue reading

Brain Death

Wesley Smith is blogging around the Web on the sad death of a 50 year old Atlanta man whose family took the doctors and hospital to court. Wesley rightly notes the poor communication. The reporter is indeed a very bad communicator. I wonder about the reliability of the whole story because of the reporter’s description … Continue reading

Wesley Smith on Toronto Conference on End of Life

Wesley’s report is at his blog, Secondhand Smoke. The medical interventional suicide or “Physician Assisted Suicide” (PAS) offers a false sense of control to people who are actually the healthiest of the patients who know that they are nearing the end of life. It’s false because before legal medical regulations can be used to “help” … Continue reading

Emotional Debate on “Physician Assisted Suicide”

On Tuesday night, November 26th, I drove to Houston to hear Wesley J. Smith, debate Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS) with Kathryn Tucker, the Director of Legal Services for Compassion & Choices, which was once the old Hemlock Society and then Compassion in Dying. Mr. Smith is the author of The Culture of Death and Forced … Continue reading

>Wesley Smith reviews Physician Assisted "Suicide"

>, the blog of the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity published Wesley Smith’s excellent review of a British report on so-called “Physician Assisted Suicide.” PAS is not medicine in any sense of the word. Medicine, at the very least involves the intention of bringing health to the body and relief from unpleasant symptoms. It … Continue reading

>Pallimed (a blog on palliative care) on the cadaver

>I stumbled on the blog, Pallimed, while chasing links last week. Today, I was able to read some of the posts. The blog is owned by a doctor and discusses the various elements of Hospice and Palliative medicine. Read this post for a beautiful excerpt of a statement by a Mr. Thomas Lynch while testifying … Continue reading

Ethics statments from the AMA and CMDA

Last month, I wrote about the Christian Medical and Dental Association’s ethics statements. There’s a comment about them in last weeks’ CMDA “News and Views.” See Dr. Robert Scheidt’s comments, with the links to the three ethics statements that were approved at this year’s CMDA House of Directors. This week, we have the NEJM article … Continue reading

NEJM comments on Texas "futile care"

The New England Journal of Medicine has a “Perspective” article commenting on the Emilio Gonzales case in Austin, Texas It’s available free online, and there’s an audio interview with the author. The comments are very specific on the ethics of the case, and the author does a good job of outlining the Texas Advance Directive … Continue reading

>"Duty to Die" (A Bioethics "Target" if there ever was one)

> If the person has lost her moral agency/personhood as I argue, then the person who deserved reward is no longer present to receive it. It is the new moral entity, having done nothing, that receives the reward for what someone else did. Seriously! “Someone else?” Yesterday, I discussed the first of two “Target Articles” … Continue reading

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