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>More pictures from the March for Life in Washington DC

>These pictures are from our camera, my phone and my husband’s phone.

I wore my white coat to the Rally, with extra layers underneath, but had to keep the heavy coat over it most of the time. We Texans still got pretty cold over the three hours we were at the Mall.

I’m wearing a “Texas Alliance for Life” cap.

The handsome bearded guy in the long coat on the far left is my husband.

The crowd was slow to gather due to its size. As I said in my earlier post, it took over 1 1/2 hours for us to clear the Mall. (I tried to sneak out the side. It took 30 minutes to weave across the crowd, and I ended up surrounded by the same group of people I’d begun with, as I walked out of the street onto the sidewalk of the art museum!)

There was no way that we were going to make it to the Supreme Court Building while the speeches were still going on, much less get near the speakers.

So, our group decided to visit the Newseum, the museum of news journalism that recently opened. (It’s done well, but I’m not sure it’s worth $20 a visit.) The pictures that seem to be from above the crowd were taken on the 4th floor balcony of the Newseum.

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