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Conscience upheld in Arizona Courts

Without a conscience, what is a doctor, nurse, or pharmacist except a technician willing to follow the whims of law? (Again, this is not sound-bite material!) I received an e-mail from the American Defense Fund concerning the lawsuit against the State of Arizona by Planned Parenthood over a law to protect those of us in … Continue reading

Tebow Super Bowl Ad Controversy Proves “Pro-abortion” not “Pro-choice”

Sarah Palin has written a note on her Facebook page on the move to oppose an ad that’s scheduled to be run during the Super Bowl. The active opposition to the ad by the National Organization for Women (incorrectly named, btw) and other groups, shows just how pro-abortion, rather than pro-choice, they are. The 30 … Continue reading

Playing doctor with the White House

Who’s playing doctor with the White House: Another example of the lack of openness in the dealings of the Obama Administration (Informed consent blurb: Organizing for America, etc., along with all the White House websites, are collecting data including email and other information from everyone who visits or contacts their sites. I got a couple … Continue reading

>Global Warming Ate the Science

>The next time you hear about anthropogenic global warming or global climate change, demand to see the data. It no longer exists. I’ve been a skeptic all along, because I remember the warnings about the “coming ice age,” that I read in my “Weekly Reader,” back in grade school. (In the dark ages of the … Continue reading

>Rumor: Francis Collins to head NIH

>The Scientist reports that the name being circulated as most likely to head the National Institutes of Health is Francis Collins. Dr. Collins spearheaded the US government efforts to document the human genome. However, he’s just as well known for being not only a believer, but a Christian. He has told the story of his … Continue reading

>More pictures from the March for Life in Washington DC

>These pictures are from our camera, my phone and my husband’s phone. I wore my white coat to the Rally, with extra layers underneath, but had to keep the heavy coat over it most of the time. We Texans still got pretty cold over the three hours we were at the Mall. I’m wearing a … Continue reading

Texas teens form pro-life club

And, it seems that the kids in Coppell, Texas (near Dallas) are only “anti-abortion” because of the undue influence of their families and churches. From the Dallas Morning News: Abortion rights advocates say it’s even harder for them to organize high school students because of the focus on abstinence. “We’re up against a movement that … Continue reading

Baroness Warnock: doctors who won’t kill are wicked.

Baroness Warnock took part in a debate in Belfast, Ireland on January 5, 2008. According to a Belfast news report, the Baroness said that doctors who will not kill their patients are “genuinely wicked.” Baroness Warnock, who last year caused worldwide controversy when she said that some dementia patients had a “duty” to seek death, … Continue reading

I’m quoted in Texas Monthly

Over the weekend, at the annual convention of the Texas Medical Association, a friend said that she’d read my quote in “Texas Monthly.” I assumed she meant an old article in Texas Medicine, the journal of the Texas Medical Association. I was wrong. (And, maybe now I know why I can’t get appointed to any … Continue reading

>Skeptical view on Expelled, the Movie

>Michael Shermer, the Skeptic, has seen the movie, Expelled, in advance of its release Friday, April 18th, and posted a review on his blog at Scientific American. Shermer is a spin doctor who, while purporting to follow reason, is actually better understood by the title he often sports, “skeptic.” His near-“single-issue” is atheism vs. religion, … Continue reading

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