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Follow-up: HPV Testing, Men, and Prevalence

I did a little research on testing for HPV, especially in men.

The CDC site on HPV is here and it’s up to date.

Digene, is a swab test for women. Negatives are true negatives for current risk of cancerous changes at the cervix. If negative, then 99.5% accurate – no HPV present at that time. (Can not rule out past infection, but only 1 in 1000 chance of cancerous changes without active infection.)

There is no approved test for males. A few urologists will test with the Digene test – but it’s not very sensitive and can miss a lot of disease.

There is a blood test for some of the strains of HPV. However, one article (free online) states that less than 60% of the women who had HPV never become “seropositive.”

The new article in the Journal of the American Medical Association from March on the numbers of infection in women is free at
Table 1 is very good – and look at the married women: infection rate is 17%. However, for those who said they’d never had sex, the infection rate is 5% and for those with only one partner, 11%.

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