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>Meningitis damage repaired with adult stem cells

>A 20 year old young man from Bedford, Texas was about to lose his arms and legs due to the clotting of blood in his vessels caused by meningitis but no longer. The treatment involved doctors and technicians at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Florida, Israel and the Dominican Republic, and one aunt with a computer … Continue reading

Follow-up: HPV Testing, Men, and Prevalence

I did a little research on testing for HPV, especially in men. The CDC site on HPV is here and it’s up to date. Digene, is a swab test for women. Negatives are true negatives for current risk of cancerous changes at the cervix. If negative, then 99.5% accurate – no HPV present … Continue reading

More on HPV, mandates, and tax money

All State Medicaid programs must offer the vaccines recommended by the (Federal) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, under the Vaccines for Children program. The States don’t have to mandate the vaccine, however. Some of the docs I’ve talked to are convinced that Medicaid and uninsured patients will have an easier time accessing and affording Gardasil … Continue reading

Med Associations Announce Position Statements on HPV Vaccine

Washington State is planning to offer the Human Papilloma Virus vaccine free to girls. New Hampshire has made the vaccine available on an “opt in” basis. Florida’s Legislators are considering following Texas Governor Rick Perry in making the vaccine mandatory, with an “opt out” option, similar to the way that Hepatitis B and other mandated … Continue reading

Texas Governor pulls a fast one (HPV shot)

In all the excitement about Texas becoming the first State to mandate the vaccination against a Sexually Transmitted Disesase, no one seems to have noticed that Governor Rick Perry ordered the Health Department to make it easier on parents who wish to opt out on vaccinations for their children. Parents’ Rights. The Department of State … Continue reading

Texas: First to Mandate STD Vaccine

That’ll shock ’em on the coasts, won’t it? Not to mention France and England, since the story has gone global. Governor Rick Perry reportedly (free registration required) has signed an order mandating that teen girls in the State of Texas receive the vaccine against four strains of the Human Papilloma Virus by 12 years old … Continue reading

>Texas, Adult Stem Cells, Multiple Sclerosis

>Opexa is a division of Pharmafronteirs (or it’s the other way around, I’m not sure) which is based at the Woodlands, near Houston, Texas. The company specializes in cell therapies, based on adult stem cells and the controlled manipulation and replication of adult cells. Multiple sclerosis (MS)is a disease that causes the loss of the … Continue reading

>Follow the DNA trail – "superbugs"

>Google News search alerts sent me to Weazlesrevenge blog, and an article originally published in (of all places) WIRED magazine about resistant strains of Acinetobacter baumannii that – it turns out – moved from European hospitals back to the war zone in Iraq. Since biochemistry in college, I’ve never been able to figure out why … Continue reading

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