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>Women do not want pro-abortion President

>The New York Times has weighed in on the secret to Hillary Clinton’s win in New Hampshire: women voters. I am convinced that Senator Clinton’s campaign is very aware of the importance of the women’s vote. (I believe that the “crying” incident of January 6th was aimed at reminding women that Hillary is a woman, … Continue reading

Abortion and risk to the health of later babies

New analysis of old data published in the January 2008 issue of the Journal of Epidemiological Community Health (free abstract) has confirmed the association between induced abortions and later premature birth and low birth weight babies. Babies born prematurely and/or weighing less that normal are much more likely to die in the first month or … Continue reading

>Court upholds Texas Prenatal Protection Act

>In 2003, the Texas Legislature passed a Prenatal Protection Act, which named the unborn children of Texas individuals from fertilization to natural death. Texas law also calls the “individual” a “person.” With the world the way it is after Roe versus Wade, and because most of us have compassion for a woman who believes she … Continue reading

>First babies from "Lab Grown Eggs"

>Well, the news out of Great Britain that apparently healthy twins were born from a new technique involving maturation of human oocytes – “eggs” – outside of the body will probably be hailed as the solution to the problem of where to get the eggs for embryonic stem cell and cloning research. It won’t solve … Continue reading

Virtual science vs. actual experimentation (Emergency Contraception)

There’s still no evidence that Plan B interferes with implantation, and lots of evidence that it doesn’t. There have been reports that Drs. Mikolajczyk and Stanford (“Levonorgestrel emergency contraception: a joint analysis of effectiveness and mechanism of action.” Fertility and Sterility R. Mikolajczyk, J. Stanford, access to free abstract available, here) have proven that there … Continue reading

>Vaginal approach to gallbladder removal

>Or removal of the appendix through the mouth? I finished my residency training in 1993, and was privileged to witness some of the first “laparoscopic” gallbladder removals on one of my rotations with some private surgeons. After 5 years or so of observing and assisting with the old technique that required a 7 to 10 … Continue reading

>Enough: ultrasounds, abortion, women and blood

>While calling us “anti-choice,” some “pro-choice” men and women are beginning to look at the true nature of what is being chosen. They’re noticing that we who oppose abortion are more likely to accept the woman with an unwanted pregnancy and championing the laws that make adoption and parenting a true choice. They’re noticing that … Continue reading

>The Nonsense of the Market for Eggs –

>The New England Journal of Medicine has a free text and audio interview on the subject of women who donate/sell/give their oocytes or eggs for other women to become pregnant through in vitro fertilization (IVF) or for scientific research. “Perspective: The Egg Trade — Making Sense of the Market for Human Oocytes” by Debora Spar … Continue reading

>Relapsing breast cancer

>The Cheerful Oncologist has a post about the recurrence of Elizabeth (Mrs. John) Edwards’ breast cancer. The comments from readers are wrenching — with repeated remarks that, now, the survivors are afraid that their own cancer will return. Having just gone through my mother’s cancer and death – not due to the cancer, but from … Continue reading

Follow-up: HPV Testing, Men, and Prevalence

I did a little research on testing for HPV, especially in men. The CDC site on HPV is here and it’s up to date. Digene, is a swab test for women. Negatives are true negatives for current risk of cancerous changes at the cervix. If negative, then 99.5% accurate – no HPV present … Continue reading

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