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Texas Heart Institute’s Dr. Doris Taylor In The Forefront Of Heart Tissue Regeneration Research

Please note that Dr. Taylor uses adult stem cells, not destructive embryonic stem cells! Dr. Taylor, one of the world’s leading cell therapy and cardiac regeneration scientists, joined the THI in March 1, 2012, recruited with support from the Houston Endowment. She and her team are internationally renowned for their research on “whole organ decellularization,” … Continue reading

High-priced mice for science at Texas A&M

This article from the Texas A&M newspaper describes the medical research with “knockout” mice, or mice that have a specific gene turned off. The  University’s Texas Institute of Genomic Medicine , part of the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences specializes in developing knockout mice strains using embryonic stem cells from mice embryos, which … Continue reading

S.A. blood center enters a new realm in the field of regenerative medicine | Investor Stemcell

“The Blood & Tissue Center generated $140.1 million in revenue last year, according to its annual report.” and,   GenCure is “filling a niche for a very high-growth industry and at the same time fulfilling another mission — treating patients,” Badylak said in an interview. “The field has grown so fast that the need for … Continue reading

Texas Legislators Seek to Limit Funds for Human Embryo Destruction

Senator Steve Ogden is a Texas Hero! Sen. Steve Ogden, R-Bryan, though, said critics exaggerate what his 24-word “budget rider” would do. He said it simply assures that the budget’s $700 million for research doesn’t underwrite destruction of embryos. “There is a significant moral concern amongst many Texans that a human embryo really meets every … Continue reading

>Wash this reactionary’s mouth out with soap!

> compares the Bush administration’s happiness about reprogrammed adult stem cells with that man, Mr. Clinton’s, “I did not have sex with that woman!” and President Bush’s statement “Mission accomplished,” after our US troops captured Baghdad. I’ll accept the latter (at some future date, if the evidence supports it), but the first is at least … Continue reading

>UTexas: Modified virus fights stem cell cancer

>Viral gene therapy (similar to techniques used in the stem cell breakthrough last week) has been used by University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center researchers in animal models and reported in the September 19, 2007 issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. From MD Anderson: Since 2004 scientists have found that brain … Continue reading

>Cutting Edge Juvenile Diabetes Adult Stem Cell Research

>Interrupting our discussion on State force and conscience, but this news is just too cool to postpone:Regenetech, the company that has the license agreement with NASA for the “Intrafuge” that processes cord blood cells and bone marrow cells for the production of embryonic-like and select stem cell treatments, has announced a two year agreement for … Continue reading

>Previous review Texas Cancer and stem cell research

>Here’s a link to a post from last January on HB 14, and House Joint Resolution 90, the Bills which became Proposition 15, the Legislation for $3 billion in cancer research bonds and the Texas Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas. The original article is no longer available on the Austin American Statesman site, … Continue reading

>Bioethics on the Ballot

>Texas approved Billions in bond debt, some $3 Billion of which will fund the new Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas. There is already private funding of embryonic and fetal tissue research in Texas already.(See this report on the Brown Institute in Houston.) While Texas is a leader in ethical stem cell research and … Continue reading

>Texas Researchers: Prostate Pluripotential Stem Cells

>Researchers Dr. Liping Tang from the Bioengineering Department at University of Texas at Arlington, and Dr. Victor K. Lin of the Department of Urology at UT Southwestern (Dallas, Texas) have published a paper describing pluripotent adult stem cells from prostate tissue. Tissue cultures as well as biochemical markers show that the cells harvested from men … Continue reading

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