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>Trust me, I have no conscience (Again and again, and again)

>Siricou Raven, that gadfly of the prolife blogger, says I’m using scare tactics, that the NHS pays for dialysis, and that we pro-conscience doctors are afraid that ‘THE GAYS WILL DESTROY MEDICINE!!!!’ Oh, and Bush did it! Well, what do you expect of people who don’t have consciences and who are told by the Powers … Continue reading

How not to promote organ donation

Julian Savulescu, the British ethicist who opined that religious doctors should shut up and perform, is back. This time he’s advocating the donation of organs from people who are not dead or dying, but who have “suffered such severe injury that they would be permanently unconscious, like Terry Schiavo, who would be allowed to die … Continue reading

Brain Death

Wesley Smith is blogging around the Web on the sad death of a 50 year old Atlanta man whose family took the doctors and hospital to court. Wesley rightly notes the poor communication. The reporter is indeed a very bad communicator. I wonder about the reliability of the whole story because of the reporter’s description … Continue reading

Emotional Debate on “Physician Assisted Suicide”

On Tuesday night, November 26th, I drove to Houston to hear Wesley J. Smith, debate Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS) with Kathryn Tucker, the Director of Legal Services for Compassion & Choices, which was once the old Hemlock Society and then Compassion in Dying. Mr. Smith is the author of The Culture of Death and Forced … Continue reading

Frankenbunnies, non-brain dead organ donation, cloning, and PVS guinea pigs

Isn’t it amazing how many of the most controversial news and public policy issues revolve around bioethics and medicine? I’ve noted before that all of the controversies (like those mentioned above, from the days surrounding the weekend of October 8-9, 2006) are actually only one: which humans will receive society’s protection of the inalienable right … Continue reading

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