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PP and terrorism

What an absolute joke – the minds aren’t there if Planned Parenthood seriously considers Feminists for Life, Eagle Forum and Americans United for Life among the “Anti-choice” organizations that are listed under the Heading “Terrorists and Extremists.”

Okay Feminists for Life (mottos: “Refuse to Choose,” “Question Abortion” and “A Woman Deserves Better”) goes around to colleges and teaches that abortion is anti-woman and that a woman shouldn’t have to choose between her own child and an education, that an unplanned pregnancy should be unplanned joy. Yeah, terrrorism.

Uh,oh. I wore my Feminists for Life pin to the Politics and Bioethics conference last week – identifying myself as a member of one of the terrorist groups!

All three organizations could be terrorists if terrorism includes teaching non-violence and using education to change the hearts and minds of voters, boyfriends and best friends and pregnant women themselves and use the courts, the legislature and the public forum to protect women and their children.

On the other hand, if attempting to use RICO laws (including triple fines and confiscation of assets so there is no money for defense lawyers), separating children from the protection of their families, and directly killing a large proportion of the children conceived in this Nation isn’t terrorism, what is?

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