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More on ‘Science” mag “Pseudoscience”

Note: edited to correct the authors to George and Lee, not George and Cohen. Earlier today, I reported on Michael Fumento’s rebuttal to the letter in Pseudoscience Science magazine that attacked Dr. David Prentice on his support for Adult Stem Cells. Another blogger, LTI, pointed me to an op-ed by two of my favorite ethicists, … Continue reading

More Lies: Stem Cell “Experts” For Sale?

Michael Fumento, in the National Review Online, writes a rebuttal to the lies that have been spread concerning David Prentice, Ph.D. and the current use of non-embryonic stem cell therapies vs. trick language and out and out lies. There are wonderful resource links and references in the article to prove Dr. Prentice is much more … Continue reading

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