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>More on the Obama Transition Team

>Many of the coordinators of the Agency Review Teams and the Working group members have already been reviewed by Daily KOS-er “joehoevah,” here. This is not my usual referral, and he doesn’t look for the connection to Podesta, but I couldn’t demonstrate the left-leaning nature of this team nearly as well. (Let me know if … Continue reading

>Myths on Myths about stem cells

>There’s a new Public Broadcasting System (your tax dollars at work) television show on “stem cells,” “Mapping Stem Cell Research: Terra Incognita.” You don’t have to go any farther than the top of the home page, with its picture of a girl in a wheelchair and this quote, “Some people consider stem cell biology to … Continue reading

>Government Health: Intervention, Restrictions, and Penalties

>What do Massachusetts and Great Britain have in common? Mandated health coverage. Today is the last day that citizens of the State of Massachusetts may buy health insurance or risk penalties on their State income tax. The BBC News from Britain reports that the Nuffield Council on Bioethics proposes that the government do more to … Continue reading

>Previous review Texas Cancer and stem cell research

>Here’s a link to a post from last January on HB 14, and House Joint Resolution 90, the Bills which became Proposition 15, the Legislation for $3 billion in cancer research bonds and the Texas Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas. The original article is no longer available on the Austin American Statesman site, … Continue reading

>WhyVille – Virtual Biotech for Children

>According to the San Antonio Express News, the Texas Workforce is helping to teach children to handle credit and the importance of developing vaccines: n Texas, Whyville recently received grants totaling $440,000 from the Texas Workforce Commission to build Whyville Biotech and Whyville Advanced Manufacturing Center. The site’s designers created Whyville Biotech to teach kids … Continue reading

Next: funding for creation of embryos

Next will come the call for the purposeful creation of funding for disease-specific embryos. These embryonic humans are not dead. They were chosen and frozen because they looked promising for future attempts to fill the empty arms of their mothers and fathers. SB 810 authorizes the use of tax money to pay to thaw, nurture, … Continue reading

The Joke’s On Us (healthcare finance)

From a fellow family physician, more reasons to avoid expanding centralized, government insurance: The Joke’s On Us as ALWAYS! Remember that 4.4% Fee Schedule Reduction we had to start the year from Medicare? Remember we were given that back through all the efforts of the AMA and AAFP? Forget about the fact that the fee … Continue reading

Massachusetts is about to go bankrupt

And run off all the business left in the State. More on that insurance scam plan from Massachusetts, this time from the USAToday coverage: The plan hinges in part on two key sections: the $295-per-employee business assessment and a so-called “individual mandate,” requiring every citizen who can afford it to obtain health insurance or face … Continue reading

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