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Texas Heart Institute’s Dr. Doris Taylor In The Forefront Of Heart Tissue Regeneration Research

Please note that Dr. Taylor uses adult stem cells, not destructive embryonic stem cells! Dr. Taylor, one of the world’s leading cell therapy and cardiac regeneration scientists, joined the THI in March 1, 2012, recruited with support from the Houston Endowment. She and her team are internationally renowned for their research on “whole organ decellularization,” … Continue reading

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  • Just wow! I've heard the Governor speak many times, and this is a great example of how he thinks. fb.me/6TsxjT5kj 1 hour ago
  • It's enough to make you believe Lois Lerner was really that incompetent. fb.me/7COn0eiyb 1 hour ago
  • Sarah Davis (nominally a Republican) doesn't want nurses, doctors and students to be able to conceal carry. She fears MRI's! 13 hours ago
  • If you wondered what chubbing (wasting time do bills can't pass by midnight deadline) looked like, here it is:... fb.me/3YJ0ncnP9 14 hours ago
  • #TxLege Private vs. State has more to do with limited States Rights than with limiting the right to keep and bear arms. 14 hours ago





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