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Texas Heart Institute’s Dr. Doris Taylor In The Forefront Of Heart Tissue Regeneration Research

Please note that Dr. Taylor uses adult stem cells, not destructive embryonic stem cells! Dr. Taylor, one of the world’s leading cell therapy and cardiac regeneration scientists, joined the THI in March 1, 2012, recruited with support from the Houston Endowment. She and her team are internationally renowned for their research on “whole organ decellularization,” … Continue reading

Billions and Billions of stem cells (or ACT kills more mice needlessly)

Once again, ACT is hyping research that duplicates work already done using non-embryonic stem cell research. The only thing new is the possibility that they have come up with a way to make “Billions” of the plastic cells. Ok, maybe we learned something from Advanced Cell Technology’s Robert Lanza’s latest human embryonic stem cell report … Continue reading

Texas researchers discover key to heart repair

Texas research team has published a report on the fusion of adult stem cells to damaged heart cells which enables healing of damage. In this case, the stem cells are from peripheral blood – the blood that circulates every day. Presumably, the origin of these cells is the bone marrow. The review at includes … Continue reading

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