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NEJM comments on Texas "futile care"

The New England Journal of Medicine has a “Perspective” article commenting on the Emilio Gonzales case in Austin, Texas It’s available free online, and there’s an audio interview with the author. The comments are very specific on the ethics of the case, and the author does a good job of outlining the Texas Advance Directive … Continue reading

Austin Texas Patients In Adult Stem Cell Research

The Austin, Texas TV station, KEYE, has a report on the research trial using donated adult stem cells from bone marrow in patients within 10 days of a heart attack. (I’ve highlighted the part about the bone marrow.) Seema Mathur Reporting (CBS 42) AUSTIN A clinical stem cell trial involving Austin patients has some doctors … Continue reading

>Cord Blood Cells: Godsend or Gimmick?

> “There are people who are alive now who otherwise would’ve been dead if there hadn’t been a mother who donated their cord blood.” If you know me and my granddaughter Roni, you know that my answer is “Godsend.” ABC News has a video news report from Good Morning America on the current status of … Continue reading

Texas Politics, Bias and Bioethics

“All politics is local,” is a quote attributed to – and the title of a book co-authored by – the late, former Speaker of the House, Tip O’Neill. The lesson seems to be one that Texas State Representative Juan Garcia, D-Corpus Christi, learned well. It doesn’t hurt to stack the deck in your favor, either. … Continue reading

Umbilical Cord Blood Saves Lives

Today, the Texas House State Affairs Committee heard from a young man who was born with sickle cell disease. Young Joseph, Jr. told the Representatives that his baby brother saved his life. And now, he doesn’t have to take medicine or get shots any more. (The oblivious hero slept through the hearing.) And of course, … Continue reading

>Stem cell review, March 2007

>It’s time to write an updated review on the status of stem cell therapy. For one thing, I wrote about the lung cells from two different labs and sources, yesterday. Next, Richard Doerflinger has written his “75 new reasons” to support non embryonic stem cell therapy over on “DO NO HARM.” And then, there’s the … Continue reading

Umbilical Cord vs. Embryonic Stem Cells

The Proceedings of the National Academies of Science (PNAS) has published the article that was the subject of this blog last week, and which claims that researchers at the University of Texas at Houston have produced the “first transplantable source of lung epithelial cells.” There is no evidence that these cells are “transplantable,” and they … Continue reading

>Embryonic SC researchers claim doubtful "first"

>Beware of Press Release science reporting – the job of the news release or public affairs department of an institution is to get publicity, not to promote scientific knowledge. There’s no peer review until after the fact, and the goal is to catch our attention, rather to educate. A case in point was the announcement … Continue reading

Do not look behind the curtain! (again, with the magic tricks)

I’d say the man who said this needs both a heart and a brain: “Ultimately, human hearts, human brains, and human kidneys and human pancreas will be re-created in their entirety from human embryonic stem cells or some combination of adult and embryonic stem cells,” Willerson said. He’s certainly got enough nerve. Tell me what … Continue reading

Texas researchers discover key to heart repair

Texas research team has published a report on the fusion of adult stem cells to damaged heart cells which enables healing of damage. In this case, the stem cells are from peripheral blood – the blood that circulates every day. Presumably, the origin of these cells is the bone marrow. The review at includes … Continue reading

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