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MIT adult stem cell research soap opera?

Yesterday’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology press release (“MIT bioengineer advances survival, promise of adult stem cells”)led to the story behind the story and and maybe more. Behind them all, of course is the truth that human embryos are, indeed human, and that there is not any difference between the embryo in the petri dish and … Continue reading

Do not look behind the curtain! (again, with the magic tricks)

I’d say the man who said this needs both a heart and a brain: “Ultimately, human hearts, human brains, and human kidneys and human pancreas will be re-created in their entirety from human embryonic stem cells or some combination of adult and embryonic stem cells,” Willerson said. He’s certainly got enough nerve. Tell me what … Continue reading

Jesus, embryos, research, and IVF protesters

Newsday printed an op ed by Michael D. Kerlin, “Where faith and stem cells meet: Jesus might have us use embryos – otherwise destined to be discarded – to aid the sick and dying.” (That’s pretty much it, except to testify to his Christianity, his alma mater, and to lay the fate of all sick … Continue reading

The key to stem cell research (no one dies)

Every living cell in our bodies has the whole set of genes that it took to grow us from a one cell embryo to the beautiful blogging people that we are now. It’s just that the whole set is never working at any one time. Our growth, development, abilities and repair depend on whether a … Continue reading

Public Cord Blood Banks

Georgia Senator Shafer has introduced a bill that would make that State the first to dedicate funds to a public bank for both cord blood and placental and umbilical cord tissues. This follows a move across the country to begin public, rather than private, cord blood banking for therapy and research. MD Anderson (MDA), our … Continue reading

Cow-Monkey blastocyst research

The truth about the goal of researchers seeking to make chimeras and clones is in the news, today. (A big “yuk” factor, here.) I’m convinced that the future is in stimulating and recruiting the patient’s own stem cells and regenerative potential, in site, where and when it’s needed. Animal research is acceptable, but once they … Continue reading

“Con-Job,” “Deception” (Amniotic Stem Cells)

Don C. Reed, a rabid supporter of embryonic stem cell research – and, it seems, only stem cell research – has written an editorial, “Coincidence or Con-Job?” He flatly states that he believes that we are witnessing an act of “weapons of mass deception” in the timing of the release of the newest issue of … Continue reading

We need sharing, not eggs or embryos!

From WebMD: “We don’t need any eggs or embryos at all,” says Shinya Yamanaka, MD, a professor at the Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences in Kyoto, Japan. Yamanaka describes his lab’s early successes in mice creating stem cells from adult cells. His research involves isolating two dozen chemicals that give embryonic stem cells their ability … Continue reading

Embryos, Dickeys, WARFs, and “rat poison.”

Maybe I should have called this column “I smell a rat.” All this fuss and bother that Sam Berger is making in today’s “Guest Column” over the lack of federal funding of embryonic stem cells had me following links and searching Google half the night in an effort to decide whether or not Berger’s … Continue reading

McGee: Embryo research equals physician assisted suicide

Glenn McGee, one of the editors, pseudoeditors and bloggers over at the American Journal of Bioethics blog,, posted a portion of his column, “The Kavorkianization of Dolly” for The Scientist. Subscription is required for The Scientist, but you can read part of the snide column on the site (or here). It may be … Continue reading

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