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>Translation of "Induced Pluripotent (Human) Stem Cells"

>Please see the revised version of this post, published November 30, 2007.

A brief history of cloning

Steve Connor of the The Independent, from Britain, tells us the history of cloning. But first, the “good news:” A technical breakthrough has enabled scientists to create for the first time dozens of cloned embryos from adult monkeys, raising the prospect of the same procedure being used to make cloned human embryos. Attempts to clone … Continue reading

The Politics of Embryonic Stem Cells: Gearhart “pressures” Atala

I was able to attend the “Understanding Stem Cells: Science and Policy” lecture at the Koshland Science Museum, the museum of the National Academies of Sciences, in Washington, DC last week where I heard Jonathan Moreno, PhD, – the ethicist who works for and advances the American Center for Progress and Dr. John Gearhart, Director … Continue reading

Saletan stirs up bioethics blog

Wesley Smith’s “Secondhand Smoke” and Science Blog’s “Denialism Blog” both comment on William Saletan’s latest Slate column, “Rights and Wrongs: Liberals, progressives, and biotechnology.” I have to admit, that while I find Saletan slightly disorganized at times, he manages to make quite a few people disagree with him, and does it so well. You need … Continue reading

>Non-destructive embryonic stem cells

>It’s all over the web (here and here, at the “” site,for instance), three separate labs have been able to reproduce embryonic stem cells by “reprogramming” adult cells from skin. Much of the commentary is like Art Caplan’s comments quoted in the first ( link above. Paraphrased, the bulk of the “mainstream remarks include, “It’s … Continue reading

Hiatus (Over, I hope)

I haven’t been blogging – I’ve been lobbying and working, instead. Whether in Austin or at work, my access to the blog is spotty. And I worried that anything I wrote might get in the way of some bills we were fighting for. Unfortunately, the Texas legislature is self-destructing and virtually none of the pro-life, … Continue reading

Religion and zealotry of one sort or another

The National Review has published an editorial by Colleen Carroll Campbell on the resignation of St. Louis’ Archbishop Raymond Burke from his position on the board of that city’s Children’s Hospital foundation. The Archbishop objected to the invitation to the outspoken (and vocal) proponent for abortion and embryonic stem cell research, Cheryl Crow. Ms. Campbell … Continue reading

>Truly transplantable lung stem cells

>Researchers at The University of Michigan have proven that mesenchymal stem cells are present in the lungs, and that these cells have transplanted along with the rest of the lung. In the past, it was believed that the mesenchymal stem cells ( a versatile group of stem cells – see the information in the quote … Continue reading

>Stem cell review, March 2007

>It’s time to write an updated review on the status of stem cell therapy. For one thing, I wrote about the lung cells from two different labs and sources, yesterday. Next, Richard Doerflinger has written his “75 new reasons” to support non embryonic stem cell therapy over on “DO NO HARM.” And then, there’s the … Continue reading

>Embryonic SC researchers claim doubtful "first"

>Beware of Press Release science reporting – the job of the news release or public affairs department of an institution is to get publicity, not to promote scientific knowledge. There’s no peer review until after the fact, and the goal is to catch our attention, rather to educate. A case in point was the announcement … Continue reading

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