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>The Veto vs. the Big Picture

>Yesterday, the President vetoed a Bill that would have “enhanced” some human embryos right out of life, while pledging to save more lives, now. According to the White House Press Release reporting on President Bush’s speech, he was joined by Dr. William Hurlbut and Dr. Don Landry. Both of these men are proponents of alternative … Continue reading

>Non-destructive embryonic stem cells

>It’s all over the web (here and here, at the “” site,for instance), three separate labs have been able to reproduce embryonic stem cells by “reprogramming” adult cells from skin. Much of the commentary is like Art Caplan’s comments quoted in the first ( link above. Paraphrased, the bulk of the “mainstream remarks include, “It’s … Continue reading

Hiatus (Over, I hope)

I haven’t been blogging – I’ve been lobbying and working, instead. Whether in Austin or at work, my access to the blog is spotty. And I worried that anything I wrote might get in the way of some bills we were fighting for. Unfortunately, the Texas legislature is self-destructing and virtually none of the pro-life, … Continue reading

>"Sneaky" Texas Legislator

>Perhaps this article, written by an Associated Press writer, should be receive the Yellow Brick Award. (Should I put “copyrighted” here? No, there’s others, although most – like the award for finishing the obstacle course at Quantico – are awards for achieving the impossible, not for misdirection.) Someone is practicing distraction and projection by calling … Continue reading

>The Best Misdirection on Stem Cell Research

>This guy deserves some sort of note/notoriety: From the “News” section of the online Worcestershire (Massachusetts) Telegram & Gazette: Apr 12, 2007 Stem-cell reversal Scrap Romney restrictions on legitimate research Gov. Deval L. Patrick’s effort to reverse restrictions on stem-cell research imposed by his predecessor is most welcome. The restrictions, adopted by the state Public … Continue reading

Embryos and cloning on Senate agenda this week

Opponents argue that the research is unethical, because deriving the stem cells destroys the blastocyst, an unimplanted human embryo at the sixth to eighth day of development. Michael Sandel, Ph.D. )philosopher)in the April 4, 2007 Boston Globe WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Stem cells will be at the top of the agenda for the U.S. Senate when … Continue reading

Don’t bet on cloning to cure

Ian Wilmut says that if he had “to bet money,” he’d bet on reprogramming adult – the patient’s own stem cells. Joining the cloning experts in the race are scientists who are looking for new ways to “reprogram” DNA, or make it young again without fusing it into an egg. They think it may be … Continue reading

>The Nonsense of the Market for Eggs –

>The New England Journal of Medicine has a free text and audio interview on the subject of women who donate/sell/give their oocytes or eggs for other women to become pregnant through in vitro fertilization (IVF) or for scientific research. “Perspective: The Egg Trade — Making Sense of the Market for Human Oocytes” by Debora Spar … Continue reading

Texas Politics, Bias and Bioethics

“All politics is local,” is a quote attributed to – and the title of a book co-authored by – the late, former Speaker of the House, Tip O’Neill. The lesson seems to be one that Texas State Representative Juan Garcia, D-Corpus Christi, learned well. It doesn’t hurt to stack the deck in your favor, either. … Continue reading

>Stem cell review, March 2007

>It’s time to write an updated review on the status of stem cell therapy. For one thing, I wrote about the lung cells from two different labs and sources, yesterday. Next, Richard Doerflinger has written his “75 new reasons” to support non embryonic stem cell therapy over on “DO NO HARM.” And then, there’s the … Continue reading

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