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>Racism, politics, and really big numbers

>Last week’s announcement that three different labs have managed to not only reproduce work showing that certain genes are responsible for embryonic-stem-cell-ness, but actually managed to turn adult cells into embryonic-like stem cells has been widely reported and comment upon. Times Magazine displays blatant racism and not a little naivete in their report, “Japan gets … Continue reading

Religion and zealotry of one sort or another

The National Review has published an editorial by Colleen Carroll Campbell on the resignation of St. Louis’ Archbishop Raymond Burke from his position on the board of that city’s Children’s Hospital foundation. The Archbishop objected to the invitation to the outspoken (and vocal) proponent for abortion and embryonic stem cell research, Cheryl Crow. Ms. Campbell … Continue reading

>Artificial Intelligence vs. believers

>The subject of believers and those who actively oppose them is only tangential to this blog. However, anyone exposed to cutting edge technonology, futurism, and, especially, transhumanism and enhancement will eventually run across at least one fundamental atheist. George Dvorsky, transhumanist and anti-theist, has published his review of a movie called “The Jesus Camp.” In … Continue reading

Majority of Doctors Oppose Abortion

In that NEJM article that I blogged on earlier, there are numbers about the “Intrinsic religiosity” of physicians, based on the answers of the 1000 or so docs who answered the questionaire. The authors seem to have no feeling for the history of bioethics as an outcome of the Holocaust or Tuskegee. Instead, the fuss … Continue reading

Bad, Bad Doctors (Religious, with Consciences)

The NEJM has a free on line article evaluating the results of a survey of doctors, “Religion, Conscience and Controversial Clinical Practices,” which is a perfect example that far too much of the effort of “medical ethics” or “bioethics,” goes into deciding who can be killed. “In recent years, several states have passed laws that … Continue reading

Texas HPV Vaccine

One of my goals is to translate between the pro-life and pro-family community that has a religious background and those who do not necessarily count themselves as religious. Sometimes, it seems that’s all I do. Governor Rick Perry evidently surprised most of the world with his brave move concerning a vaccination against Human Papilloma Virus, … Continue reading

Texas Governor pulls a fast one (HPV shot)

In all the excitement about Texas becoming the first State to mandate the vaccination against a Sexually Transmitted Disesase, no one seems to have noticed that Governor Rick Perry ordered the Health Department to make it easier on parents who wish to opt out on vaccinations for their children. Parents’ Rights. The Department of State … Continue reading

Texas: First to Mandate STD Vaccine

That’ll shock ’em on the coasts, won’t it? Not to mention France and England, since the story has gone global. Governor Rick Perry reportedly (free registration required) has signed an order mandating that teen girls in the State of Texas receive the vaccine against four strains of the Human Papilloma Virus by 12 years old … Continue reading

Feminists For Life History

I wrote about Serrin Foster’s article on National Review Online, yesterday. Be sure and click through to the actual op-ed and to the Feminists for Life website. (Especially the “Covetable Stuff”!) The actual founders of F4L were two women, Catherine Callaghan, Ph.D. and Pat Goltz. Like many of us in the ’70’s and ’80’s, these … Continue reading

>ASBH day 2: Human rights and Public Health Ethics

>Ever been the only conservative in the room? I can go one better: a woman from Rhode Island responded to my confession that I’m a conservative by saying that we should talk, since she’d never had a conversation with a conservative before and she wanted to understand how we think. BTW, before I go on, … Continue reading

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