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>Artificial Intelligence vs. believers

>The subject of believers and those who actively oppose them is only tangential to this blog. However, anyone exposed to cutting edge technonology, futurism, and, especially, transhumanism and enhancement will eventually run across at least one fundamental atheist.

George Dvorsky, transhumanist and anti-theist, has published his review of a movie called “The Jesus Camp.” In fact, he titled the post, “The Jesus Camp and the art of Brainwashing Children.”

As interesting as it is that Mr. Dvorsky discusses the mimetic convergence of Islam and Christianity rather than noting the divergence(since both teach that we can trace our history back to Abraham and his God), I was stirred to post from the gallery of the Senate of the Texas Legislature by this remark of one of the visitors to the site:

The best news, however, is that AI, when it is invented, will be immune to religion; I suspect it this will remain true even if the AI is designed by a deeply religious person. (anyone agree/disagree?) And what’s the likelihood of a religious person being the maker of the first AI? Are there many christian AI programmers?

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2 thoughts on “>Artificial Intelligence vs. believers

  1. >It doesn't surprise me that religious groups often try to manipulate children. It is for their own good after all – a bit of brainwashing, isolation, abuse, even physical torture, its all justified if the end result is to save them from eternal torment.If the AI is based on emergence, it will believe whatever it wants – anything emergent is unpredictable. But if its not, it will believe whatever its creator programs it to believe. If the creator wishes to code into it some dogmatic religious beliefs, it will follow them with a stubbornness no human can match.

    Posted by Suricou Raven | April 20, 2007, 1:05 pm
  2. >We teach. I taught my kids the same way that I taught that science was fairly reliable: observe, find the pattern, test the hypothesis, come up with the theory.Didn't you smile or even laugh when you saw the "best news" comment, SR?And how about that brush that Dvorsky uses to paint Christians? Wide enough to be measured on a cosmic scale.

    Posted by | April 20, 2007, 10:32 pm

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