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>"Expelled" Producers make silly, ironic mistake

>The producers of the movie “Expelled” owe PZ Meyersa lifetime pass to the movie. And they really need to attend and pass a logic class. Dr. Myers, a scientist who researches cephalopods, and one of the men interviewed for the movie, was escorted by security from a free event that included a preview of the … Continue reading

>"Expelled, The Movie" Conversation Continues

>The many Anonymice are still discussing world views on a post from last October. (In case you wondered where I’ve been: We’ve had our primary, with one hotly contested local Republican race ending in a cliff-hanger. The same seat was decided by 54 votes out of about 20,000 in 2006. This time, it looks like … Continue reading

>Politics Bites

>Chris Comer, Director of Science Curriculum for the Texas Education Agency (TEA) sent out an email from her State account that was blatantly political in nature and which she knew was a bad idea. Surprise! So did her bosses. She made the political move, and got fired for it. Really, advocating a lecture titled, “Inside … Continue reading

>CNN objects to conscience

>This subject again. CNN, that bastion of upstanding plants ethics, objects to doctors with morals – or at least the ones who act on them. The CNN video (not a “news piece”) shows interviews with a woman who was refused contraception by one doctor and a second interview with another doctor who is Catholic and … Continue reading

>Laws, conscience, medicine and bloggers

>In contrast to the hype that you might read on blogs and in the press, the Federal District Court judge in Washington has upheld the law of that State. The basic right to not be forced into action that one considers unethical or immoral – the right to liberty – was upheld first, by the … Continue reading

>Catholic Bishops to Allow Plan B in Emergencies

>Can anyone be forced to act against his conscience? Do religious convictions have any weight in the law? How far can the courts go to make a person do an act that he believes is unethical or immoral? I hope these questions are not ignored due to the sensationalism that surrounds emergency contraception. The Catholic … Continue reading

>An oldie but a goodie – new conversation

>The November 2006 post, “Beyond Belief: the Institutional Delusion of Scientism” commenting on the Belief net symposium on science and religion has a new life – with comments. Paul Booth has left a new comment on your post “Beyond Belief: the Institutional Delusion of Scien…”: “If you ask me (or read this far in the … Continue reading

>Doctors, faith and helping the poor

>The Chicago Tribune published an article on a study concerning doctors who help the poor. I haven’t read the actual article, yet, but I wonder how the “poor” are defined and question the definition of “religiosity” vs. spiritual. For one thing, I’m not sure how, as a Family Physician, I would separate my patients into … Continue reading

Sam Harris at the Aspen Ideas Festival

Sam Harris, author of the books, The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason and Letter to a Christian Nation, was given a forum at the Aspen Ideas Festival. I’m not sure how I ended up finding the video, “Believing the Unbelievable: The Clash Between Faith and Reason in the Modern World,” … Continue reading

>Christian Docs’ Ethics on The Moral Worth of Human Life

>Yesterday, at the annual meeting of the House of Representatives of the Christian Medical and Dental Association, three statements on ethics were approved. I don’t have all of the text or the final versions of any of them at this time and will report on them in more detail later, but I would like to … Continue reading

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