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Qualify for government subsidy: become a(n involuntary) unionized government employee

Next up: doctors, section 8 housing owners, ????? Grocery stores, drug stores??? A year ago in December, Ms. Berry and more than 40,000 other home-based day care providers statewide were suddenly informed they were members of Child Care Providers Together Michigan—a union created in 2006 by the United Auto Workers and the American Federation of … Continue reading

No self breast exams?

The recommendation *not* to teach exams throws the whole report into question for me. If we are changing the frequency of mammograms, should we also change the recommendation to do self exams? Won’t the first change the effectiveness of the second? In the news, the report by the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality. … Continue reading

Politics bites science

For a clear outline as to why you shouldn’t believe that 45,000 people die each year because they don’t have insurance, read the blog entry by John Milloy, publisher of “Junk Science” on last week’s report in the American Journal of Public Health. Forget that the authors are blatantly biased members of the “Physicians for … Continue reading

Comments on President’s 9-9-9 speech

You can read the speech, here. As of 8:30 AM on September 10, there’s not much comment from the AMA or other powerful, interested observers. I wonder if, like me, they’re waiting to see the actions that result from the speech? Here are my own(Beverly Nuckols) thoughts after the speech: Quality, timely, or cheap medicine: … Continue reading

ABC explains the Obama Administration

ABC News Senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper has written an article, “When Academic Words Become Political Ammunition,” that gives an anonymous “White House official’s” rebuttal to the many concerns expressed about President Obama’s choices for advisers and “czars” who will affect the shape of health care policies. He attempts to debunk criticisms of the … Continue reading

>Daschle/Dole/Baker! Health care on the fast track -along with the entire Nation’s finance

>Right after this Yellow Brick Award ceremony, I’m thinking that it may save my life for me to learn to use Twitter and Facebook. Now. While President Obama is planning to take over the entire finance world ASAP, ABC is planning their all-day infomercial for Obama and his push – there is no “plan,” yet … Continue reading

>Force Medicare "reform" without proof that it will work?

>The Washington Post reports on the latest findings of the “Medicare Payment Advisory Commission” (MedPAC) today. According to the WaPo, this is a “commission that advises Congress on the federal medical program for older Americans.” In other reports, there is mention that President Obama plans – at the same time – to cut Medicare and … Continue reading

Obama to push public health plan, forced physician participation

The New York Times is covering the opposition to a public health plan (government pre-paid health care) by the American Medical Association. Within that article is the news that the Democrat leadership intends to not only implement a government insurance plan that would compete with private insurance companies, but the legislation would force doctors who … Continue reading

>Why the medical home sounds good but won’t work

>A sister Family Physician says in her blog, “Musings of a Dinosaur,” It is the source of endless angst among family doctors in solo and small group practice, because the structure of the PCMH excludes us by definition. The PCMH is advertised to work best in large group practices like Kaiser and the Mayo Clinic. … Continue reading

Health care reform conversation

There’s a comment from a proponent of single payor health care payments on one of my November posts. A few points need to be clarified: The numbers about infant mortality are skewed in the US because we count more infants as “live births” than other countries. We use Medicaid money to finance special education and … Continue reading

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