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Healthcare lottery

When you buy a lottery ticket, do you choose the cash option with its immediate payout of half the winnings or do you choose the payment of the full amount, doled out over 20 years? I’ve found this question to be a good way to help other people understand the difference between conservativism and those … Continue reading

>Dr. Nurse? Why not just Doctor?

>Get ready for Dr. Nurse, who will call himself/herself “Doctor,” but who, after 4 year bachelor’s degree in nursing, has gone to the Doctor of Nursing school for two years with a one year internship — that’s compared to the 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, followed by at least 3 years … Continue reading

Medicare Pie Cut Thinner

Think of the money that Medicare pays doctors for seeing patients as though it’s a pie called the “Sustainable Growth Rate.” This pie is not going to get bigger unless Congress cooks some more pies by New Years. Otherwise, when more patients join Medicare and more pieces are needed next year, we will have to … Continue reading

>Varied and deep rooted (cost of health care)

>I’d just add a few observations to the New York Times editorial (free registration required) on the cost of health care in the US. I’m a big proponent of making patients responsible for more of their health care costs. Health Savings Accounts, long term care insurance, and even deductibles are good ideas. I would also … Continue reading

>Privacy, politics, and medical records

>The editors and pseudoeditors of the American Journal of Bioethics blog are talking about all the people who accessed the hospital records of George Clooney after his motorcycle accident. Somehow, according to the author of the post, it’s all President Bush’s fault. In light of the news and comments on the latest iteration of SCHIP … Continue reading

>More on Clinton Health Plan

>After my review about some of the news coverage of Hillary Clinton’s proposed government healthcare plan, I did some more digging. The review is here. A Wall Street Journal editorial is here. The proposed Clinton plan mandates coverage and depends on 1/3 of its revenue from “$35 billion in savings to the government through … Continue reading

>Government mandated healthcare is government-controlled healthcare

>According to this article from the Associated Press, Hillary Clinton envisions a day when you will have to show proof of insurance to your employer prior to being hired for a job. By BETH FOUHY, Associated Press Writer Tue Sep 18, 12:59 PM ET WASHINGTON – Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday that a mandate … Continue reading

Medicare fees tied to reporting

“Pay for Performance” (P4P, sometimes called “Pay for Play” by some of us who aren’t fond of the scheme) just got a huge boost from Congress. Expect to see more docs carrying computers equipped to run an “electronic medical record” (EMR) around the office. And don’t be surprised to see more solo and small group … Continue reading

Creative Bookkeeping at Medicare

One more reason I do not want government-only healthcare. According to the “Medicare Learning News,” (a pdf document) no payments will be made to Medicare “providers” (doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and the intermediate insurance companies with which the government contracts to “manage” Medicare) for the last 9 days of the fiscal year, September 22 to September … Continue reading

The Joke’s On Us (healthcare finance)

From a fellow family physician, more reasons to avoid expanding centralized, government insurance: The Joke’s On Us as ALWAYS! Remember that 4.4% Fee Schedule Reduction we had to start the year from Medicare? Remember we were given that back through all the efforts of the AMA and AAFP? Forget about the fact that the fee … Continue reading

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