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Health care reform conversation

There’s a comment from a proponent of single payor health care payments on one of my November posts. A few points need to be clarified:

The numbers about infant mortality are skewed in the US because we count more infants as “live births” than other countries.

We use Medicaid money to finance special education and Medicare to finance medical education — are those included in those numbers?

Also, that $7000 is an average – that includes all the expensive care for very ill patients. It would be more interesting to note per-capita bone marrow or other organ transplant.

I would like to see how much of our medical spending is actually elective – Botox and plastic surgery as well as contraceptives and abortions.

The majority of Family Physicians are against or conflicted about about single payer. We don’t have a great history of changing policy to the benefit of our practices. Medicare, medicaid, and Workman’s Comp pays better for procedures like surgery and invasive tests than they do for cognitive and preventive skills.The Family Doctor could do more if we weren’t under pressure to see 4 to 5 patients per hour.

Health care outcomes are strengthened where primary care is strongest, according to research.

What I want to see is a public policy that allows patients to own their own health insurance and for doctors to work for the patient. Medicare still won’t pay for tetanus shots when a covered patient needs one.

I just worry that what we have is not working because of regulations and laws. I don’t want more of those.

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