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>Government mandated healthcare is government-controlled healthcare

>According to this article from the Associated Press, Hillary Clinton envisions a day when you will have to show proof of insurance to your employer prior to being hired for a job. By BETH FOUHY, Associated Press Writer Tue Sep 18, 12:59 PM ET WASHINGTON – Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday that a mandate … Continue reading

>States demand Feds subsidize middle class insurance

>$82,000 for a family of four is not “poor,” or even the “working poor,” except perhaps in Manhattan. Could it be that the State and local taxes make these families the “working poor” and are more responsible than the “high cost of insurance” for the families’ perception that they can not afford health insurance? Remember, … Continue reading

>The all or nothing dilemma (SCHIP)

> The advocates of government-funded health care are (repeatedly, pleadingly, as though they are in some weakened, minority status) urging doctors and everyone with an eye to see or ear to hear to let our legislators know that we, too, want government to grow, to own medical care, and to tax us and regulate us … Continue reading

>Gambling with CHIP (Pork, Perks and Politics, not Poker)

>We’ve been hearing and reading about how desperately Congress needs to pass the bill to fund – and expand – SCHIP, the Children’s Health Insurance Program. However, you may not have heard about the pork, perks and politics that are included in the current versions of the House and Senate bills, which led President Bush … Continue reading

>Economists Discuss Bioethics (healthcare, neuro-economics)

>There’s no answers, just more intelligent and informed questions, but here’s an interesting discussion on “Money Driven Medicine” at the blog, Marginal Revolution. One of the blog owners, Tyler Cowen, has a piece in the business section of today’s New York Times, “Enter the Neuro-economists: Why do investors do what they do?:

Med Associations Announce Position Statements on HPV Vaccine

Washington State is planning to offer the Human Papilloma Virus vaccine free to girls. New Hampshire has made the vaccine available on an “opt in” basis. Florida’s Legislators are considering following Texas Governor Rick Perry in making the vaccine mandatory, with an “opt out” option, similar to the way that Hepatitis B and other mandated … Continue reading

Texas: First to Mandate STD Vaccine

That’ll shock ’em on the coasts, won’t it? Not to mention France and England, since the story has gone global. Governor Rick Perry reportedly (free registration required) has signed an order mandating that teen girls in the State of Texas receive the vaccine against four strains of the Human Papilloma Virus by 12 years old … Continue reading

$17.9 Million plus for Texas: ethical stem cells

The UT Austin Daily Texan has the only report that I can find in the news about Wednesday’s announcement that the University of Texas Health Center in Houston is the recipient of $17.9 million for stem cell research on treatments for heart disease. The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute granted $17.9 million for the … Continue reading

>Texas, Adult Stem Cells, Multiple Sclerosis

>Opexa is a division of Pharmafronteirs (or it’s the other way around, I’m not sure) which is based at the Woodlands, near Houston, Texas. The company specializes in cell therapies, based on adult stem cells and the controlled manipulation and replication of adult cells. Multiple sclerosis (MS)is a disease that causes the loss of the … Continue reading

>Immune Privileged Cord Blood Stem Cells

>Pluristem is one of the companies focusing on the commercial development of stem cells. There are two or three names which have been regularly sending out press releases concerning their research and development (besides ACT, of course). In this case, it’s a company that’s marketing selected umbilical cord blood cells or placental cells. If the … Continue reading

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