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>Dr. Nurse? Why not just Doctor?

>Get ready for Dr. Nurse, who will call himself/herself “Doctor,” but who, after 4 year bachelor’s degree in nursing, has gone to the Doctor of Nursing school for two years with a one year internship — that’s compared to the 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, followed by at least 3 years … Continue reading

>Secretary of Health Supports Conscience

>Secretary of Health Michael O. Leavitt has stepped up to protect the right of conscience and conscientious refusal, specifically in the right not to be forced to commit or be complicit in abortion and other forms of killing. The Secretary has sent a letter to the President of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology … Continue reading

Medicare Pie Cut Thinner

Think of the money that Medicare pays doctors for seeing patients as though it’s a pie called the “Sustainable Growth Rate.” This pie is not going to get bigger unless Congress cooks some more pies by New Years. Otherwise, when more patients join Medicare and more pieces are needed next year, we will have to … Continue reading

>Varied and deep rooted (cost of health care)

>I’d just add a few observations to the New York Times editorial (free registration required) on the cost of health care in the US. I’m a big proponent of making patients responsible for more of their health care costs. Health Savings Accounts, long term care insurance, and even deductibles are good ideas. I would also … Continue reading

Statistics and politics

Statistics are easily mistakenly used and manipulated. Rudy Guiliani is under attack due to statistics that he quoted in a political ad running in New Hampshire . He spoke about the odds of surviving prostate cancer, contrasting the medical systems in the United States and in the United Kingdom. I saw a link to an … Continue reading

>Texas has funds for SCHIP without Federal increase

>Threats to the contrary, the Houston Chronicle has picked up on the fact that Texas has enough Federal funds to continue CHIP in our State for “at least a year,” even with the expansions and improvements passed by the 80th Legislature earlier this year. And in spite of the President’s veto. This news was also … Continue reading

>SCHIP goes on, in spite of veto

>Let’s get this straight: SCHIP will not cease to be because of the President’s veto. Last month, we read that Congress had passed a 16 week extension of SCHIP and that the President would veto the SCHIP bill if Congress went ahead with their planned expansion to nearly double the funding. The SCHIP bill that … Continue reading

>Courts force 14 States to pay for elective abortions

>Here’s an interesting fact: of the 17 states that use their own Medicaid funds to cover elective abortions, 14 of them were forced to do so by the courts. (Georgia may be the next one.) The “Hyde Amendment” has been added to Federal health care funding bills since 1976. Those who support abortion on demand … Continue reading

>Buzz on SCHIP – crisis interrupted or delayed

>Do we want health insurance for everyone or do we want government health insurance for everyone? The current system increases the chances that employee coverage for children will decrease, that more gaps will occur because of changes in jobs and the delays inherent in qualifying for government assistance. A simple flat tax deduction for health … Continue reading

>More on Clinton Health Plan

>After my review about some of the news coverage of Hillary Clinton’s proposed government healthcare plan, I did some more digging. The review is here. A Wall Street Journal editorial is here. The proposed Clinton plan mandates coverage and depends on 1/3 of its revenue from “$35 billion in savings to the government through … Continue reading

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