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>The business of adult stem cells

>Since Mr. Reed has urged us to follow the money trail, and after my talk with the banker last week, I was pleased to see that others are looking at ethical stem cells as an investment. The business journal, Bloomberg, reported on several companies that are involved in ethical stem cell research. Evidently, these companies … Continue reading

Medicare fees tied to reporting

“Pay for Performance” (P4P, sometimes called “Pay for Play” by some of us who aren’t fond of the scheme) just got a huge boost from Congress. Expect to see more docs carrying computers equipped to run an “electronic medical record” (EMR) around the office. And don’t be surprised to see more solo and small group … Continue reading

Creative Bookkeeping at Medicare

One more reason I do not want government-only healthcare. According to the “Medicare Learning News,” (a pdf document) no payments will be made to Medicare “providers” (doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and the intermediate insurance companies with which the government contracts to “manage” Medicare) for the last 9 days of the fiscal year, September 22 to September … Continue reading

>Argument against government health care

>Should your access to medical care depend on your political or religious viewpoints, or even your criminal record? The UK healthcare system is used as an example by members of both sides of the government-payor medicine debate in the US. These discussions prove that – like the meaning of the universe and when life begins … Continue reading

The Joke’s On Us (healthcare finance)

From a fellow family physician, more reasons to avoid expanding centralized, government insurance: The Joke’s On Us as ALWAYS! Remember that 4.4% Fee Schedule Reduction we had to start the year from Medicare? Remember we were given that back through all the efforts of the AMA and AAFP? Forget about the fact that the fee … Continue reading

Why I quit being a “Primary Care Provider”

Over at FreeRepublic, they’re discussing this week’s New York Times guest editorial, “The Doctor Will See You for Seven Minutes,” by Peter Salgo, MD. I highly recommend that your read the op-ed at the NYT in full, and then the thread at FR. 3 years ago, I closed my office and went to work part … Continue reading

Humans are patented

Today’s Science Magazine reports on the implications of patent law on embryonic stem cell research. (Sorry, subscription only, excerpts below.) Somehow, there has not been much notice that the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) was awarded the patent to human embryonic stem cells in 2001. “On 9 August 2001, U.S. President George W. Bush directed … Continue reading

How human is human-enough?

A group of very well respected scientists, philosophers and ethicists (all involved in bioethics and stem cell research) have joined together to discuss and draft what they call a “consensus” on stem cell research, both destructive embryonic stem cell research and non-destructive, ethical non-embryonic stem cell research. The document can be accessed at the Berman … Continue reading

What’s the connection for NYT and Plan B

I wish I were a better detective. Tuesday, I had to spend a couple of hours in the Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC, so I did something I don’t usually do: I read a real, dead-tree newspaper. The NYT flashed an above-the-fold front page article and an editorial on FDA regulation of a single … Continue reading

FDA Chief Resigns Over Plan B

FDA Assistant Commissioner for Women’s Health, Susan Wood, says she can’t remain at the Agency because of the refusal to change the status of the drug protocol, “Plan B” often called the “morning after pill.” The Henry J. Kaiser Foundation’s daily news reports the fuss. I agree with the former Commissioner, she should not be … Continue reading

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